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Why does the metal bracelet leave black marks on my hand?

This occurs when you wear your watches really often. This is not an allergic or chemical reaction. Dirt settling occurs due to the dust that sticks in the interelement slots, and then in contact with sweat and dust a black imprint is created on your hands. It is recommended to wash the bracelet with clean technical gasoline and scrub the interelement slots with a brush.

Gilded watch (gold plated watch) - guarantee, quality, durability?

If you do not wear the watch, the colour will last. Unfortunately, the fact is that the gelding gets rubbed off if you wear the watch and there is no other option. The only real lasting colour is the golden massive (completely golden watch). All gilding, including "rose gold", is a surface finish and in general, it is not covered by any guarantee - this applies for all coated watches. All gilding (and other colour variations) gets rubbed off if commonly used. There are several factors influencing longliness of the finish: sweat, the use of cosmetics, the environment and, above all, how the watch is being handled.

My solar watch is not working. What is wrong?

The first and most acceptable option may be a poorly charged battery / solar cell. Avoid wearing watches hidden under your sleeve and give them plenty of daylight to recharge your batteries efficiently. If the battery is discharged, expert service is required.

The original battery lasts longer than any other. Why?

Everyone first comes up with a question about battery quality - but that's not the case. The watches and battery life are based on the watch itself or the machine itself. A very influential factor is its cleanliness and sealing of watches. If the machine is clogged, the friction occurs in the machine and the batteries discharge faster (the gear must be lubricated, etc.). The great impact on battery life has the temperature changes and the use of the functions of the individual watches (chronograph, etc.)

The plastic case has broken off and the strap got removed, how to solve it?

The most common defect is the breakage of the so-called "pivotal" part, which is when a piece of plastic is broken off at one of the protrusions of the case that holds the strap through the pivot. There is no need for excessive force to cause this defect - the plastic has two very poor properties - hardening and embrittlement. Then only an unwanted pickup or load is enough, and the plastic bursts and the pivot fall out. Repairs can be done by casting the cracking, but this is not a 100% repair. The extreme option is to replace the case with new ones.

Misting - dew on the glass inside a waterproof watch.

The moisture gets into any waterproof watch even when you turn slightly with a crown or lightly press the buttons. When the temperature changes, the water is condensed (even after a long period of time) and as a result, the glass is dewed. As a first step, we recommend pulling the crown to the uttermost position and letting the watch dry until the mist disappears. The best option is to send the watch for drying and possibly cleaning the glass to us. The repair is not expensive and you are sure that due to moisture and water in your watch there will be no damage to the machine.

The most suffering watches are those with 30M and 50M water resistance degree when replacing the battery. Why? These watches have a much thinner seal than watches with higher water resistance. These rubber seals are not designed for greater outside pressure and temperatures, and thus, beside 100M and 200M watches, they are prone to ageing and thus lose their original sealing properties. In these cases, it is also necessary to change the sealing under the lid and the crown when replacing the battery.

The leather strap has a very short life, is it really quality?

It might sound strange, but the life length of the strap depends on the way it is treated and how often you wear it. The skin, like any other material, has its pros and cons. And this is the core - it's important to treat these straps really gently and avoid contact with any larger moisture and water - are you wondering why you have a leather strap on watch with 10M water resistance degree? When buying watches, it is important to take into account the purpose of the watch. So, if you are looking for a functional fashion accessory or only for watches as such - we recommend choosing different straps material here. Furthermore, the use of force is not good for leather (pulling) as well as rapid temperature changes and the method of taking the watch off and putting on.

The rubber/silicone strap or case has tinted. Why and how do I remove it?

This is not an unusual condition at watches where such materials were used. It's caused by the characteristics of the material - the rubber is porous and therefore it is enough to use perfumes, creams or other cosmetic products and the contact points get tinted. A big influence on the colour change of such watches is also the body sweat.

There are couple methods of removing the dirt however the process is very difficult and the result not guaranteed.

How to prolong the life of the plastic or rubber band?

Watches with a plastic or rubber strap are worth taking off at night because these materials are especially prone to sweat during the hot months. For regular prevention, silicone oil can be used to spray the strap on all sides, or soak the cloth and spread it over the strap. It is important to let the oil dry thoroughly and then put the watch on again. This way, you can prolong the lifetime by up to one year.


 What is perfume, eau de toilette and eau de cologne?

  • Perfume (extract) - contains 15 to 30% fragrant perfume composition in concentrated alcohol.
  • Eau de Parfum (EdP) - contains 8 to 15% fragrant perfume composition in about 85-90% alcohol.
  • Eau de Toilette (EdT) - contains 4 to 8% fragrant perfume composition in about 80% alcohol.
  • Eau de Cologne (EdC) - contains 3 to 5% fragrant perfume composition in about 70% alcohol

How to choose the right perfume or similar product?

Especially according to your own taste. Never select a fragrance based on a "sample" prepared by applying perfume or the like, for example, to a cotton swab or spray cap, which is then left free in the air for an extended period of time. Such a "sample" does not correspond to the smell of the fragrance in a sealed package.

Is it true that the same perfume has a slightly different smell on different users?

Yes, it's true. Each person has their own specific smell. It depends on the characteristics of his skin, nutrition and life habits. Perfume, which smells very pleasant on one user, may have a slightly different effect on another user's skin.

Does the smell of the perfume change if the user, for example, eats spicy food?

The smell of perfume does not change, but the scent of the skin changes, which emits the scent of metabolic conversion of the ingested food. This change is the reason why, in a complex with the perfume smell, the overall impression is different from the perfume smell itself.

Can perfume affect mood?

Yes, a lot. The fragrance has an immediate effect on the psychological balance. Pleasant fragrance can very quickly improve mood, but on the contrary, the penetrating, very intense fragrance disturbs and can cause some problems.

Are there erotizing perfumes?

Basically not, at least not in the sense of an immediate-acting aphrodisiac. But the pleasant scent used by the object of your interest still work pleasantly. However, the fresher or more fruity the smell, the less so-called pleasant effect.

Are there rules on how to use perfume?

Yes. Perfume should never "bother" the surroundings. Here, more than anywhere else, the principle that less is always more. During the day it is suitable to use lighter eau de toilette or eau de cologne. The perfume itself is to be used only for special and festive occasions. It is advisable to choose fragrances also with regard to the season. For warm summer days, fresh floral or citrus aromas and their numerous modifications are the best. In cold seasons, the heavier balsamic and oriental fragrances will be used. Of course, this is not to be an iron rule. The choice of fragrance wardrobe for each woman and man is based on their personal taste and lifestyle.

Why not use different fragrances at the same time?

Each perfume is one harmonic unit. When more different perfumes are used at the same time, there is often a disharmony which may give an unpleasant impression in its complex.

How and where should the perfume be "worn"?

It is primarily a matter of concentration. When the famous drop applied behind the auricle is considered, it is usually meant perfume. In general, perfume is applied to areas where the most blood capillaries are under the skin, ie to the elbow, but also to the knee - where the skin is the hottest and where the scent of perfume fully develops. Perfume is also applied to the hair just above the scalp. Perfume on clothes made of natural materials and furs stands out exceptionally well, but it is not recommended to apply it, for example, to white and light clothing components, especially not to natural silk.

What is the lifetime of the perfume and how is it recognized that it is no longer fully usable?

If the perfume bottle is not exposed to daylight and temperatures above about 20 ° C, the fragrance will last for several years. New perfumes tend to have pictograms that show how long the perfume has not changed its properties after opening. This period varies according to the aroma and ranges from 12 to 36 months. The perfume in the original unopened bottle will last for several years. The perfume, whose color changes, usually in a darker shade and a resin ring is formed around its closure, is usually old. Also, the acidic and resinous scent signals that the perfume or other has already passed its shelf life.

What is a tester?

The tester is stored in a grey-white or brown printed box, without additional transparent packaging. Some testers do not have a flacon cap. The original perfume is stored in a commercial, coloured package, which is usually provided with a transparent foil. The big advantage of the tester is that the price is always lower than the price of the same, normally sold perfume. The tester is suitable mainly for customers buying a fragrance for their own use, who does not need a box, but a better price. Perfume bottle and tester have identical content to the original.