Summer obsession with Michael Kors

Current trends driven by Michael Kors - are you addicted to it too?

No need to introduce Michael Kors to fashion fans. Most probably they already have at least on fashion piece from this highly desirable American fashion designer at home. If you want to dress according to the latest fashion but your budget is limited, take Michael Kors watch and turn your regular outfit into a perfect outfit. Now at great prices!


Be stylish and reward yourself with original pieces from Michael Kors

Choose your Michael Kors watch


Women's Michael Kors watches are mostly full metal, most commonly in gold, silver or pink tones (the pink gold looks particularly luxurious and fresh). Such watches should not be missing in your jewelery box. They fit perfectly on your hand and can be worn at almost every opportunity (work, meeting, theater). You can choose from a large number of collections in which everyone finds the ones he always wanted

Likewise, Michael Kors offers a number of stylish wrist watches for men These will clearly separate the king and the pawns.

Do not hesitate and choose your Kors...!

  • Fashion = for a lady's ride, for a party, for a cup of coffee with friends
  • Classic = to work, for holiday or festival
  • Sports = pro dobrodruhy (pro dobrodružné povahy), na aktivní odpočinek
  • Luxurious = for hot ladies, that love fashion, for fashion experts
  • Luxusní = pro kočky, co se rády blýsknou; pro módní expertky


Michael Kors Watches - becoming accessory that will never disappoint you

Michael Kors's wristwatches have amazed women and men from all over the world, just like his fashion. But how did Michael Kors, as one of the few American designers, become so popular in Europe? Probably because he refused to create extravagant models that fit best for a show somewhere in the gallery but focused on everyday fashion (ready to wear). His models are not too flagrant or provocative. On the contrary, it dazzles with its sophistication, perfect temperance and eye-catching luxury. In the same vein, he designs his ladies' and men's wristwatches.

Fans of the Sex and the city series and the unique style of dressing of New York womens should not miss the Bradshaw collection, where they will find fashionable steel watches with a touch of old times. Almost as perfect as "Mr. Big" ... The more mature ladies will surely be amazed by the glittering classical watch with a round dial and a narrower strap from the Parker collection that clearly show that style and elegance are not limited by age but courage and confidence. Very varied and therefore extremely interesting is the Runaway collection, whose models combine maybe only beauty, shine and original design. Dreamful watches are waiting for each of you ... And if you like contrasts in both life and fashion, check out the Slim Runaway collection. You can find a wide range of steel watches with a distinctly contrasting dial (e.g. pink, blue, black), but also a naturally colored dial with a cheerfully colored strap. The fantasies are not bounded, they know every modern woman with a playful character.


Choose your Michael Kors handbag


The handbag is the shrine of every woman. A companion hiding all her treasures and thus protecting her from the traps of new days. For this reason, women prefer to wear large handbags to fit them as much as possible. At the same time, they do not resign to their individual style and choose a purse with the same enthusiasm and responsibility as a new car. Let us admit that not all of us are orientated in fashion news, because we are not so enthusiastic about it (or we just do not have time to browse fashion magazines). But believe me if something is or is not "in fashion" we know even without trying more - just look around. Until recently, every other lady walked along the street with a plastic handbag with ropes instead of the straps, but today we can see other designer avalanches - Michael Kors leather handbags

You can see them single-colored (most often in black, brown, beige, gold or pastel pink) with the raised Michael Kors logo or the metal pendant MK swinging on the side. And what is so irresistible on them? Their versatility and attractiveness is caused by a number of tiny details that fit perfectly into the overall look of each handbag. For these and also for practical reasons the Jet Set Travel collection is currently the most popular, one of the black variants supplemented with gold metal elements. These trendy leather handbags match the demands of today's working women perfectly. They are large enough and, in addition to 2 sealing pockets, they also ave 6 smaller inner pockets, giving their owners a perfectly arranged haven.

If you feel better with a smaller rounded purse that you put on your forearm or take it straight into your hand, check out the Selma collection. Here you can find even small handbags ideal for afternoon sitting with your friend over a cup of good coffee in your favorite café.



Choose your Michael Kors perfume


Due to today's accelerated pace of life, due to which days are like years and months, we can say that American fashion designer Michael Kors has launched his own company quite recently - in 2003. However, during this time, he quickly built a strong, world-renowned trademark that occurs in almost all areas of the fashion industry. In addition to clothing, shoes, watches, handbags and many other accessories, he has also focused on producing his own luxury perfumes, among which so far dominate women's scents. Looking at their stylish flacons, you know at first glance that it was designed by a fashion expert who knows what womens are like. An absolutely irresistible charm will make you feel the Michael Kors Very Hollywood Perfume which is already enchanting with its fabulously pink color, which is made for this summer.

At first touch, you will fall in love with its juicy scent of bergamot, raspberries and mandarins, but as soon as it scents a little, it will engulf you with its spicy earthy with a touch of jasmine. If you like sweets, try also the scented water of Michael Kors White Luminous Gold, which will give you the perfect scent of pears. But if you are afraid that the frustrated scent of yours will cause a sense of hunger rather than satisfaction, try one of the purely floral perfumes. As a Persian princess, you will feel, for example, the fragrance of Michael Kors Glam Jasmine, whose head and heart are just floral, but you will discover the healing and supposedly magical effects of sandalwood.

Dear ladies, do not forget about your precious partner and underline their manhood, for example, with Michael Kors for Men toilet water. As opposed to women's perfume, do not look for any fruit or bloom, but a good dose of rough ingredients such as wood, musk, pepper and even incense. Grab them with elegance!