Festina Harvest

Festina Harvest


Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to reap the best of the Swiss vineyards!

Whether you want it or not, summer is slowly but surely saying goodbye to us again, so we should get mentally and physically prepared for colder Autumn temperatures. A good dose of vitamins, health benefits, self-confidence and well-being can be found at the bottom of each bottle of new wine. What can you not find there? A solution to how to use work and leisure time more efficiently, how to get respect at work and among friends, or a strong magnet for a woman / man of your dreams. All you have to do is buy a luxury Festina watch!
In our e-shop, you can "smell" almost 800 models of Festina branded watches, the colour, aroma and spark of which will tell you that you are dealing with the most exclusive selection of grapes from this Swiss winery.

Have a taste of the best from our casks!

Do not drink apple juice when there is an abundance of new wine!


Why would you drink a cheap substitute in this long-awaited wine-making season when you can reach the uniqueness of new wine? Why would you settle for a low-quality watch if you can have Festina for the same money? Bet on the sweetest grapes of the Swiss vineyard...
The classic Festina watches are definitely not cheap boxed wine that has little to do with well-done work and sense of detail and style! On the contrary! Festina models are spectacular in their own right - without a pretentious amount of gold, silver, and precious stones. Choosing a watch is very similar to choosing good wine - the fanciest label does not mark the best wine. That is why they are definitely not deprived of the finest materials used and many special features that will always have your back when your smart phone gives you the cold shoulder.

But that does not mean that we should look down our nose at Festina's fashion watch! All the quality beauties from the gallery of this watch giant hide in their core a quality Swiss clockwork and fascinate every expert eye. Do not miss them even if following fashion trends is not your cup of wine. You will find out that many of them are very similar to classic models. But when you look at the wine glass again, you can see their unique spark which classes them reliably among the watches with positive attributes. Fashionable does not necessarily mean overdone or overpriced. Most Festina fashion watches will appeal to you with their tasteful and exquisite impression - at very good prices.

Festina sports watches will mainly please men. However, do not expect any showy colours and a digital display showing what you had for breakfast or how much alcohol there is in your blood. Festina clearly shows that you do not have to abandon your gentleman's principles even in sports. Even without numbers furiously running on an electronic display, you can measure your sporting performance using a chronograph, tachymeter or at least a stopwatch. Seeing the three crowns (the indented buttons on the watch side), instead of one, all your loved ones will understand clearly that you leave nothing to chance and manage your life perfectly. Purchasing them will enchant your senses which will last longer than one evening and without an unpleasant hangover.


What can the wine label tell you?