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Michael Kors wanted to become an actor. He gave a lot of effort, took private lessons and could now shine on the red carpet. Fate wanted it differently. The boy found that more than studying theater roles, dancing, or singing, he enjoyed shopping, and the next steps had led to the fashion design industry he had graduated in his native New York. His track led through the design of collections for famous fashion brands to his own presentation and success. In 2003, he built the brand under his own name. And a red carpet? He appeared on it due to the world stars, Heidi Klum, Rachel McAdams, or Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Michael Kors watches are the pioneering equivalent of luxury. On of the few brands which managed to successfully expand from America to the European fashion catwalks. And every fashion guru knows that the taste of these two continents is fundamentally different. Michael Kors presents luxury watches that fit into the ambition of ambitious and unbridled Americans as well as the careless elegance of stylish Europeans. Sophisticated details and precious metals make each piece a unique jewel. Michael Kors personally likes to meet people dressed in his models from head to toe. Therefore, it does not focus on the unsustainable abstraction of the mole, but on the casual fashion, designed for every day. You will feel this reference in his watch.

The women's Michael Kors watch perfectly tunes the distinctive female style, both for work and leisure. Take a look at the Slim Runway collection for a combination of shiny golden sex appeal and colorful facets that no one will miss. The decorative element of the bracelet comes from the Michael Kors MK3149, which has a design braided silver strap. Do not be fooled by a fashion note, even this watch brings practical features such as stopwatch, dual time and date pointer.

The Michael Kors men's watch is the equivalent to a beautiful accessory. A timeless model of noble metals in modern gold or silver sits to the elegant gentleman. Various dials are part of these collections, guaranteeing an unmistakable look.

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