Happy Easter to you all!

Happy Easter to you all!

The neverending wait is finally over... Long months of winter that made the toughest of us tremble with cold are finally over. Yes, the skiers might be sad about this change of seasons, but the rest of us is surely celebrating. We can make hikes again, ride our bike, enjoy our teatime outside, make longer nighttime city raids (whether searching through our beloved streets or sitting in a bar chair). And we don't have to hide all our fashion treasures under the winter coat anymore.


The spring is here, and the Easter as well! Whether it is important for you from the religious or the cultural point of view, make sure to celebrate it in the best possible way – in your family circle. Enjoy every moment, every loving smile, every flavour, melody, smell, colour, every sunray and every singing bird... simply everything your family and the nature can give you. Because you never know where and with whom you will celebrate it the next time.

Which member of your family would be most pleased by a new watch?


Not everybody enjoys the heavy feasting and drinking of the Easter time... Make your holiday different and surprise your family. Instead of food and drink, try to present them with something bigger. Something that makes them remember this Easter many years after.

For the man of your life – husband, dad or son – there is a wide choice of the most prestigious men's watches to be foud in our offer. If you are looking for the highest quality design watch, choose the brand Festina. Would you like to give him some more self-confidence (which he is perhaps missing) with the new watch? Then choose the testosterone-fuelled Emporio Armani nebo Tommy Hilfiger. Do you adore him for his fantastic physical efforts? Reward him with a Casio sports watch.

The woman of your life also deserves a treat. That amazing Easter feast is not done by itself! Show your wife you appreciate her work and her kitchen mastery, and surprise her with a watch she has been dreaming about for years. Why wait for the birthday or Christmas? And if you need help, check the folders Michael Kors, Festina or Daniel Wellington for the most beautiful ladies' watch.



Michael Kors watches dominate the fashion charts for over a year now. Even though their creator, famous American designer, made dozens of models for men as well, his watches are still mostly adored by ladies. For clear reasons. He can empathise and guess all their secret desires... Gold, silver, rose gold, gemstones on the dial, all-steel watches, colorful dials... Every girl and lady will find their favourite.

It is fascinating that the Daniel Wellington brand appreciates completely different values but still counts to the celebrity watchmakers. In this case among men as well. If you are looking for a classic analogue watch with a quality laether strap and timeless design, this is your choice


We all like getting a perfume as a present. Because we all like to smell good. And the coming spring just calls for a new fresh fragrance that wakes you up from the long winter sleep. You can find the most perfect spring perfumes and fragrances in our offer, with some nice Easter discounts.

Let's face it, our hair has a tough time in winter. Frost and wet snow kills it off just as effectively as a long queue in store kills us all off. Make it all end now! We offer you high quality hair care products that makes your hair beautiful and healthy again… Delivered at your doorbell. Surprise your daughter with this original Easter present. Whatever brand you choose, success is guaranteed.