Do you wear your watch correctly? We will advise you how

  • Do you wear your watch correctly? We will advise you how
14. 10. 2019

Do you wear your watch correctly? We will advise you how

Wearing your watch properly is not just that. Although this may seem like a simple task, in practice, however, it is almost a scientific discipline. In this article, we will advise you on which hands should you wear your watch and which watch to choose for what occasion.

Wearing your watch properly is not just that. Although this may seem like a simple task, in practice, however, it is almost a scientific discipline. Wearing your watch correctly and elegantly is easy to do, just follow these basic rules. Which are they?

On what hand do you wear your watch?

It is generally known that the watch should be worn on the left hand. Although most people follow this, there is no strict rule. Wearing them on left or right hand is primarily a question of each person's preferences. The recommendation is to wear the watch on non-dominant hands, so right-handers on the left and left-handers on the right. This wearing has mainly practical effects, as the brain is not used to a wrist in the form of a watch. On a dominant hand, it is more likely that you will bump your watch into an object and damage it.

Wearing on the left hand has historical roots. In the past, it was necessary to wind the watch, so the wrist on which the watch rests was decided by the position of the crown. In the 1930s, the winding crown was also placed at the number nine, such a watch had to been worn on the right hand. Everything was changed by World War II when the US Army bought a watch with a crown at position three for their soldiers. It is not easy to wind a watch with a crown placed like this on the right hand.

So there is no rule about the correct position of the watch and it is purely up to the preferences of each of us on what hand you want your favorite piece on.

What is the correct position on the wrist and how much tighten the watch?

The comfortable position to wear the watch is as tricky as the right hand to wear it. Here, too, there is no rule where exactly you must place the watch on your hand. The traditional position is below the wrist, which has the advantage that it almost does not interfere with the normal activities of the hand. On the other hand, in some cases the watch may be harder to reach, so you will not find time easily and quickly.

The second possible position is directly on the wrist. This position may, in some cases, reduce wrist momentum and complicate certain activities, but at least you are sure that you will always see the watch. Gentlemen just have to be careful while wearing a shirt so the watch won't peek out much. The maximum visibility should be at half when the hand is lowered along the body. If the watch is visible through the sleeve in every situation, it is a fashion offense. You may do so intentionally, but this should be done primarily by skilled gentlemen who know what they are doing.

Tightening the watch is also a matter of preference. The watch should not be too tight to restrict blood circulation, but it should not be too loose to travel on hand like a roller coaster. Always choose a compromise where the watch holds on your wrist and can always be turned with a little willpower. Also, there is no rule against wearing a watch on the underside of your wrist. But it should be remembered that watches shape our overall style of clothing and our personality, so they should be seen. Wear the watch on the underside of your wrist when there is a risk of damage.

Which strap to choose?

We get to the part where there are already some rules and their violation can cause many raised eyebrows. The strap is a very substantial part of the watch and it is not reasonable to underestimate its choice. Generally, on more festive occasions, two variants are allowed - black leather and brown leather, for women the milanese mesh in silver or gold. On the other hand, you don't have to worry about what to choose. Simply adjust the color of the straps with the color of the accessories and that's it.

For freetime activities, you can choose the strap that you like the most. Steel straps is well suited for the walk around the city, for an evening in an entertainment venue you don't have to be ashamed to put on the textile straps, perhaps in NATO style, for sport is probably the best choice rubber or silicone straps. During your free time you can experiment, but on more formal occasions choose classic.

How to choose a watch by occasion?

As with the straps, the watch itself needs to be kept in mind on which occasion we put them on. Let's start with the formal event that is most bound by the rules. The most suitable here is a simple analog watch with a clear dial of black or white color, body gold or silver, accompanied by a leather strap or milanese mesh for ladies and the size of the dial in the range of 38-42 mm for men and 32-38 mm for ladies, depending on the size of the wrist of the wearer. All of this should be aligned with your other accessories, such as the brown strap to the brown belt and the gold body to the gold ring. You don't need modern watch with  chronographs and other functions, most certainly you don't need a stopwatch at the theater. Forget your digital watch right away - it fits to formal clothes as much as a plastic bag.

For informal occasions there are no rules, but you should always make sure that they match not only with other accessories, but also with the entire outfit. You can take popular chronographs for a walk or an evening gathering, while digitals from Casio can underline your retro mood. For sport or cycling, choose a more durable model with a silicone strap. Imagination has no limits, but it is important to keep a good taste in mind .

Don't you know how to choose a watch? Check out our e-shop where you can choose from a wide collection of formal watches for ladies and formal watches for men, or freetime watches for ladies and freetime watches for men. An important note at the end - universal watch does not exist, so it is good to have at least two variants, formal and freetime.