Women's watches with a large dial that will enchant

Women's watches with a large dial that will enchant

Emma Lamb | 27. 4. 2020

Watches, thanks to which you will be always on time and they will perfectly underline your outfit. Women's watches with a large dial are not only stylish, timeless but also do not escape the attention of the surroundings. What is their uniqueness and what do they say about their owner? You will find out in our article.

Watches are certainly not a relic of the 21st century. The exact opposite! They are something that attracts attention. A well-tuned look tells a lot about the owner's taste. Thanks to the watch, you will never get anywhere late and you will still look very good, elegant, stylish. This is guaranteed by the impressive watches with a large dial.

Queen Elizabeth I herself has surrendered to the charm of the watches.

Perhaps few people know that the first women's watch was already owned by Queen Elizabeth I herself. The jewel, which also showed the time, had been worn since 1575. This testified to its progressiveness. Women's watches reappeared only at the beginning of the 20th century. It was a wrist type watch. The truth is that at that time, however, they weren't called women's, but they were. Wristwatches were in a way a symbol of emancipation.

The models of that time had numbers placed differently so that they could be viewed better when the woman was holding the steering wheel of the car. And another indication that it was a women's watch was that the men wore more pocket watches. Since the second half of the 1920s, the watch has been an indicator of the current trend. In the 1950s, specifically in 1955, the first women's automatic watches saw the light of day. They had the smallest automatic chronometer in the world, which at that time was simply a complete sensation.

Large dial - not just an elegant time indicator

A jewel that can add proper elegance to your outfit. A quality accessory that in itself fits into the role of a great and practical hand ornament. Fashion trends are inextricably linked to fashion trends, which change from year to year, but the classic form of a watch with a large dial remains essentially unchanged.

As for the dial, we distinguish several types:

  • analog - display of time by hands - hour, minute, second
  • digital - a watch having a digital time output, ie digits on the display
  • binary - after adding the values in the binary code you get the given time or date, binary system or binary is a system of powers of number 2
  • combined - time display with hands in combination with digital display

The base should be a mineral glass dial that is resistant to mechanical damage. Especially if the watch is designed for everyday wear.

Distinctive jewellery revealing style

Women's watches with a large dial are beautiful, unmissable and will definitely never go out of style. Elegant women's watches with a large dial are pleasing and have a number of advantages. In addition to being a distinctive and interesting accessory, they are also valuable from a practical point of view. You can easily see the current time on them.

Here it is good to remember one principle, namely that watches with a large dial should also be in the spirit of minimalism when it is so good to avoid overly flashy models that could look more overgrown. It pays to bet on clean lines. The advantage is that this type of watch is suitable for everyday wear, but also for the company, etc. Watches that will enliven an elegant and sporty outfit. Women's watches with a large dial can dazzle at first sight.

In addition to being an effective complement, a passion, but also a practical helper, they add confidence. It's the same as with clothes, nice make-up, hairstyle, these are all situations where a woman knows that it suits her and thus she feels properly confident. It works the same for watches.

Trust your instincts when choosing

In this regard, it pays to invest in watches from some of the renowned brands, where you have a guarantee of quality and originality. Women's watches with a large dial from renowned manufacturers are suitable for everyday wear, as the dominant feature is both valuable material and overall precision design. Of course, you can choose according to the size of the dial itself, but also other parameters. 

Definitely worth following your instincts. Immortal beauty and a certain charm are offered by the Guess Nova watch in a combination of white and silver. White is not only colour for the summer season when tanned skin also stands out with these watches, but overall, watches in white brightens and revives the outfit. Popular and very elegant are the models in soft colours, such as beige and gold, which you will find, for example, in the famous American brand Tommy Hilfiger, specifically the type of watch from the Carly collection or soft pink from the Jenna collection.

Watches with a more pronounced colour of the leather strap are very stylish and good looking, either in more bright colours, such as the pink model Michael Kors Slim Runway or in the form of burgundy, as is the case with the Tommy Hilfiger Sloane watch. More pronounced beautiful colour in the watch of the American brand Michael Kors Slim Runway

The watch in a casual-sports design with a high-quality black silicone strap Guess Crush having the inside of the dial studded with zircons. The classic in the form of elegance is represented by the Casio Classic model. Timeless representation through the distinctive logo of the brands with which the models are decorated, as in the case of the women's watch Guess Nouveau. Watches designed not only for sports-oriented ladies, which excel in design and material design, can be found in the model of women's watch Lacoste Goa.

Women's watches with a large dial will never get old. Quality models that impress with the overall design of both the dial and the choice of strap.