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Aveda Invati Advanced Thickening Conditioner strengthening conditioner for lean, soft hair 1000 ml

strengthening conditioner for lean, soft hair
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Description strengthening conditioner for lean, soft hair

In this day and age, when hair is often considered a key element of personal style, many people struggle with the problem of limp and fine hair. For those looking for a solution, Aveda offers Invati Advanced Thickening Conditioner, a strengthening conditioner that is specially formulated to restore and strengthen weak, thin and limp hair. With a combination of innovative ingredients such as creatine, caffeine, tocopherol and turmeric, this conditioner provides not only immediate care but also long-term hair quality improvement.

Active ingredients

  • Aveda Invati Advanced Thickening Conditioner contains a range of active ingredients that are known for their strengthening and revitalizing properties. Creatine is known for its ability to penetrate the hair fiber and strengthen its structure, leading to more volume and density. Caffeine stimulates the scalp, promotes blood circulation and thus encourages the growth of healthier hair. Tocopherol, a form of vitamin E, protects hair from damage caused by free radicals and UV rays. Turmeric, known for its anti-inflammatory properties, helps maintain a healthy scalp and promotes overall hair vitality.


  • There are a number of benefits to using Aveda Invati Advanced Thickening Conditioner. Immediately after application, users notice that their hair is thicker, fuller and has more volume. Long-term use leads to a stronger and improved hair texture, which prevents breakage and baldness. This conditioner also helps to balance the hydration of the hair and scalp, which is key to maintaining hair health and shine.

Suitable for

  • Aveda Invati Advanced Thickening Conditioner is ideal for those who have fine, thin or limp hair and are looking for a natural solution to strengthen and thicken their hair. It is suitable for all hair types, but is particularly effective for those struggling with lack of volume or weak hair. Its gentle but effective formula is also suitable for sensitive scalps.


  • For best results, Aveda Invati Advanced Thickening Conditioner should be used regularly. After shampooing hair, apply conditioner evenly from roots to ends. Leave on for a few minutes to allow the active ingredients to fully absorb, then rinse thoroughly. For maximum effectiveness, use in combination with other products from the Invati Advanced range .

Aveda Invati Advanced Thickening Conditioner is not just a conditioner - it's a key step in your hair care routine. With its advanced active ingredients and natural formulation, this product offers a comprehensive solution for those looking to strengthen and revitalize their hair. Its ability to increase volume, strengthen texture and protect hair from damage makes it the ideal choice for anyone looking for healthy, strong and full hair.

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Product specifications

parameter value
Product portfolio Hair cosmetics
Gender designation For women
Category Conditioners
Brand Aveda
Collection Invati Advanced
Size 1000 ml
Hair type fine hair, brittle hair, for thinning hair, thin hair