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The history of Wella Professionals dates back to 1880, when Franz Stroher, a German hairdresser, laid the foundation stone of the brand. The company's beginnings were humble, but with a vision to offer hairdressers and customers the best hair care products. From the first hair nets to revolutionary colouring formulas, Wella has become synonymous with quality, innovation and a passion for hair care. Wella Professionals has always understood the needs and desires of women in relation to their hair. With a wide range of products, from shampoos, conditioners, hair masks to styling products, Wella offers women everything they need to perfect their hair. Products like Invigo Nutri-Enrich Deep Nourishing Conditioner and EIMI Nutricurls Fresh Up Anti-Frizz Spray are a testament to the brand's commitment to providing women with the best possible care. Plus, with innovative colouring technologies, Wella gives women the opportunity to experiment with shades and change their look to suit current trends. While historically most hair products have been aimed at women, Wella Professionals hasn't left the men out. With the growth of men's barbering and men's growing interest in hair care and styling, Wella has expanded its offerings for them as well. From shampoos specifically designed for men's hair, to beard care products and styling gels and waxes. Wella understands that men want to look and feel great too, and offers them world-class products. The key to Wella Professionals' success is their constant search for innovation. The company invests in research and development, which allows them to bring revolutionary products to the market. Technologies such as the molecular structure of dyes that penetrate deeper into the hair fibre, or formulations rich in vitamins and minerals for hair regeneration, make Wella products not only effective but also safe for hair. Wella Professionals is not only a brand with a rich history, but also a brand that is constantly evolving and keeping up with modern hair care trends. Whether you are looking for products for women or men, for colouring, regeneration or styling, Wella offers top quality and innovative solutions for all your needs. In this day and age where hair is an expression of personality and style for many, it's important to have a brand you can trust. And Wella Professionals is the right choice for those who want to give their hair the best.


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