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Nuxe Skin and body cosmetics

Nuxe cosmetics has become famous over the last three decades and has crossed the borders of its native France, mainly thanks to Aliza Jabès' leadership. This lady has given Nuxe a new life by taking full advantage of the pharmaceutical know-how and the unique efficacy of herbal ingredients without parabens, dyes and chemical additives. Unlike competitive vendors, Nuxe decided to convince the cosmetics market that even a purely natural product can be given the hallmark of exclusive luxury in the form of delicate and silky consistency and sensual scents. 

Nuxe skin cosmetics and body cosmetics are celebrating success for all age groups and have rightly become the market leader in natural cosmetics. Nile's brightest star, Huile Prodigieuse, was introduced to the market in 1991 . The “miraculous” multifunctional dry oil effectively nourishes the skin, body and hair and enchants aromatherapy effects during application. He also inspired the entire Prodigieux cosmetics line, which enjoys great popularity, as does the Reve de miel honey care. The original Nuxe brand new products include the Insta-masque range.


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