TOP 10 best perfumes for girls and young women

Emma Lamb | 24. 5. 2020

Perfumes have been among us since ancient times. After all, even then, women wanted to be attractive and feel fresh all day long. But still can't choose the right one for you? Get inspired.

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Women's jewellery according to the zodiac signs

Caroline Smith | 19. 5. 2020

Having a hard time choosing jewellery? Try to choose the most suitable piece according to your date of birth. Jewellery based on zodiac signs can be an interesting inspiration for how to decorate in accordance with your personality. Discover yours!

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What to look out for when sunbathing?

Roxana Voicu | 15. 5. 2020

Flawless tan suits everyone. Despite all the warnings and scepticism of dermatologists, a beautiful tan will always be a popular souvenir of the summer holidays and hardly anyone would give it up voluntarily. So how to make sure that sunbathing is not in conflict with our health?

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TOP 5 Hollywood earrings

Emma Lamb | 10. 5. 2020

It is said that nothing lasts forever, not even Hollywood fame. But when it comes to fashion, it's just the opposite. What once garnered admiration on the red carpet and was forever immortalized on the silver screen will forever be inscribed in world trends and will often form an integral part not only of timeless wardrobes but also of jewellery boxes, as in these five cases.

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Coronavirus time: tips on how to survive at home with kids

Kate Phillips | 3. 5. 2020

The situation in education is not rosy due to the ongoing epidemic, and it even seems that school desks, clubs and kindergartens will be closed until the end of this school year. For children a long vacation, for parents the challenge is equal to the struggle for survival.

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Women's watches with a large dial that will enchant

Emma Lamb | 27. 4. 2020

Watches, thanks to which you will be always on time and they will perfectly underline your outfit. Women's watches with a large dial are not only stylish, timeless but also do not escape the attention of the surroundings. What is their uniqueness and what do they say about their owner? You will find out in our article.

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How to use cleansing water and what did you not know about it?

Caroline Smith | 22. 4. 2020

Correct make-up removal is especially important because beautifying agent residues can clog the facial skin and cause discomfort on the face, which can result in more serious dermatological problems if not treated properly. Make-up removal should be done regularly every night to help the skin relax and hydrate properly during the night.

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Women's watches Tommy Hilfiger will surprise you with their refined design

Emma Lamb | 17. 4. 2020

Watches as an impressive fashion accessory. For women, it is usually an indispensable element that enhances the charm of personality and completes the style. Watches in a sophisticated appearance will dazzle the overall design and timeless design. Unique models for girls and women who want something more.

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How to meet a woman?

Kate Phillips | 14. 4. 2020

The first impression is the most important. How you impress can affect your future success or failure. To be as successful as possible, you must not neglect anything. But how do you maximize your chances of success?

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10 tips on how to enjoy Easter even during quarantine

Kate Phillips | 9. 4. 2020

Are you sad that this Easter will be carried in the spirit of a coronavirus pandemic? Perhaps now is the right time to take a break from the stressful news and focus on something else after a long time. Here are 10 tips on how to enjoy Easter this year and forget about all the unpleasant things these days have to offer.

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