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TOP 5 Hollywood earrings

It is said that nothing lasts forever, not even Hollywood fame. But when it comes to fashion, it's just the opposite. What once garnered admiration on the red carpet and was forever immortalized on the silver screen will forever be inscribed in world trends and will often form an integral part not only of timeless wardrobes but also of jewellery boxes, as in these five cases.


How to start with sport?

Sport is a natural way of improving the overall body constitution of the human body and, in addition to a healthy lifestyle and mental well-being, it is a primary way of ensuring a long and satisfying life. Each of us has devoted ourselves to a sport during our life (whether in physical education at elementary or secondary school) and knows how important movement is not only in adolescence but also in maintaining good physical condition and preventing illnesses resulting from excessive nutrient-poor food and sedentary lifestyle.


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European mobility week begins - join in too!

On 16 September, the European Mobility Week starts, followed by the World Car Free Day. Take the opportunity to leave your car at home for once. Ride a bike or walk for at least a part of your way to work or school. Do something for the planet and once again enjoy the joy of movement.


Best winter activities in mountains

Maybe you go skiing every year or maybe you conquer mountain tops snowboarding, no sudden change of weather can suprise you and maybe you long have your favourite mountain destination you like to come back to. Or maybe you are not a fan of winter at all and you would rather visit mountains in the summer. But why don´t you try something different this year?

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A Shocking Discovery! These 13 Easy Steps Lead To Happiness

Where does the happiness come from and how do you get it? Happiness is desired by almost everyone. But do we really need so much to achieve it? The answer is surprising. The path that leads to it may be less steep than it seems at first glance. Many claim that happiness is a completely natural state of being, not something that we would have to complicate to accomplish. 


Halloween: Celebrate your Fears

A night of ghosts and ghouls, visitations of otherworldly creatures and witchcraft. For many it means creating imaginative costumes, macabre masks and demonic decorations, an evening full of fun, tricks, treats and too many sweets. For others, it’s a good excuse for a party, or a night on the town.

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Spring detox

The beginning of spring is the ideal time for a good spring clean. However you shouldn’t stop at your home. Your body has been suffering in the cold, with less sunlight, less fresh air, less activity and more comfort food; not to mention the festive seasons excesses. Indulge yourself with a pain-free spring detox and you’ll feel reborn.


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