TOP 5 Hollywood earrings

TOP 5 Hollywood earrings

It is said that nothing lasts forever, not even Hollywood fame. But when it comes to fashion, it's just the opposite. What once garnered admiration on the red carpet and was forever immortalized on the silver screen will forever be inscribed in world trends and will often form an integral part not only of timeless wardrobes but also of jewellery boxes, as in these five cases.

Marilyn Monroe set the direction

The whole world fell in love with Marilyn Monroe in one of the first feature roles, in the 1953 thriller Niagara by Henry Hathaway, produced by Twentieth Century Fox. Monroe was completely irresistible in a hot pink dress, which she fine-tuned with gold knocker-type circles. Not only this fashion accessory of the beauty of Niagara but also all the other fashion fads that Marilyn loved in the 1950s were deftly copied by the general public and became strongly popular for decades. We even think that classic, iconic gold earrings in the shape of circles will be loved by women forever. 

Cynthia Nixon requires special treatment

The American series Sex and the City is one of the most popular shows thanks to its candid look at the life of a woman in her thirties with all the love affairs, breakups and friendships in the city of dreams, NYC. Fashion played the same importance as the protagonists' dramas in the individual episodes. SATC costume designer Patricia Field has always entertained, surprised, inspired and aroused passions and desires not only in the fans of the series with her fashion creations. She became famous for many fashion brands, such as shoemaker Manuel Blahnik, and influenced the entire fashion world.

Her great weakness was, of course, handbags and jewellery, especially earrings. Extravagant crystals, opulent plastic or Swarovski earrings in various designs she chose for actress Cynthia Nixon aka Miranda Hobbes, because they always matched her red hair perfectly. Few people know that Cynthia does not have pierced ears and therefore each earring for its role was specially adjusted to clips.

Angelina Jolie gives more work to security

Emerald jewellery enjoyed the most admiration in the famous era of Elisabeth Taylor, but then more or less disappeared from the Hollywood scene. She changed everything in 2009 at the Angelina Jolie Academy of Motion Picture Arts Awards. Although she did not change her nomination for Best Actress in the film "Exchange", she literally took everyone's breath away with the divine emerald earrings created for her by designer Lorraine Schwartz. These 115-carat teardrop-shaped earrings worth an incredible $ 2.5 million were the most expensive red carpet earrings we had the honour to see. The dizzying price and unexpected attention that these earrings attracted turned the head of the Oscar security in particular, who did not know what to guard first, whether celebrities or this luxurious piece of jewellery.

Scarlett Johansson is a girl with a pearl 

The story of this pearl earring began to be written, ie actually painted by the Dutch painter Jan Vermeer as early as 1665. His painting could easily have become one of the many portraits of the Golden Age, but the earring determined a completely different fate. The painting "Girl with a Pearl" has become a phenomenon and a model for various literary and film adaptations. The most famous achievement is the narrative film of the same name from 2003, made by British film director Peter Webber, in which Scarlett Johansson plays Maid Griet and becomes an irresistible model for Colin Firth. The film was subsequently nominated for the British Academy Film Awards, three Academy Academy Awards and two Golden Globe Awards.

This impressive filmmaking reminded not only of the beauty of this painting, which was chosen by the Dutch public as the most beautiful painting in the Netherlands in 2006 but also raised many discussions and doubts about the earring material. Some experts claim that pearl earrings, but made of some metal, such as polished tin, be it pearl, pewter or silver earrings, their fame has been around for centuries and will forever symbolize the sense of detail, light and beauty of jewellery.

Morgan Freeman has a sailor's soul

Morgan Freeman is one of the few men in Hollywood who wears his earrings all the time and removes them only when necessary for the film role. To what led him to this, he replied in an interview: "When I was little, I saw a pirate movie with Burt Lancaster wearing an earring. I thought it was sexy. Then I learned that sailors wore gold earrings to pay for a funeral if they died in foreign lands. And because I'm a sailor of my soul, it fit. ”And it really is! It also explains why Morgan's earrings are made of white gold or yellow gold. Surgical steel earrings probably wouldn't cover the cost of his departure. Valuable sailor earrings served not only as a financial reserve but also as a reminder of journeys. The earrings were often dedicated to young sailors as memories of the first crossing of the equator, or the successful passage of treacherous water at the Cape of Good Hope.


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