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What perfume to take on holiday?

We all know that - whether we go to a wine party, a theatre or a company party with friends, we want to feel our best. Comfortably. We want to please ourselves, but also others. A good feeling of yourself includes a suitable perfume that suits us. It smells good to both us and our partner. But hoe is it with perfume on holiday? Attention, we are not talking about two weeks in a cottage by the campfire or in a country. What perfume is the right one for Croatia, Italy or Greece, for example?


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The best women's perfumes, that men can't resist

Choosing the right fragrance is one of the most important supplements of women's outfit. Every woman chooses fragrances that are both in harmony with her taste and at the same time believe that they will have the right effect on a particular environment. For this reason, women usually own multiple perfumes, which they use on different occasions. A different type of perfume is also suitable for each time of day. For casual wear, fresh tones should be selected, heavier and stronger perfumes are particularly suitable for special occasions and important evening events.


Perfumes Versace: passion in every drop

Italian brand Versace offers women's perfumes, men's perfumes and various fashion collections. Among the products of this brand, we find handbags, clothes, but also shoes or backpacks. Either way, the most associated is this brand with perfumes Versace. The brand has a reputation for luxury products and timeless fashion. Women's perfumes and men's perfumes of this brand combine passion, provocation and seduction. They are gentle and playful and reflect the Italian pace of life, temperament and quick lifestyle.


Hot sales are here! Why do we like discounts so much?

Sales can be enjoyed not only after Christmas but in some cases are the sales even better!  You'll avoid the situation, that the present comes after the holiday season. There's no need to stress yourself, so you can enjoy the great prices, that are waiting for you on our website, in peace. See for yourself.


A perfect fragrance for this summer

Which summer fragrance will completely charm you and which perfumes do you must have? That's simple - fresh perfume is essential. We've made a list of the best perfumes you can get this summer!


How to pick a gift for wedding attendants?

Do you want to gift your best men and parents with something nice? Gifts for wedding attendants are slowly becoming a tradition. It isn't necessary, but it's a nice gesture, a thank you for their help with wedding preparations. Parent's are usually given something small, in order to thank them for raising you and spending their time with you. What will cheer them up?


Surprise on the Children's Day

Children have their own day. We'll celebrate International Children's Day on Saturday, June1! This, of course, means a lot of fun and entertainment! Which gift will not only surprise your children but will be useful as well? What will cheer them up?


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