How to pick a gift for wedding attendants?

  • How to pick a gift for wedding attendants?

How to pick a gift for wedding attendants?

Do you want to gift your best men and parents with something nice? Gifts for wedding attendants are slowly becoming a tradition. It isn't necessary, but it's a nice gesture, a thank you for their help with wedding preparations. Parent's are usually given something small, in order to thank them for raising you and spending their time with you. What will cheer them up?

Presents for best men and bridesmaids

Someone chooses not to worry about this stuff at all, at the end of the day, it's the newlyweds special day, not the best man's special day, nor anyone else's. On the other hand, some best-men might be so helpful they deserve to be rewarded. Isn't it pity not to show them what their help really means to you? You don't have to give them something huge. Far more valuable is your good intention and will to make the other one happy.

Some brides choose to pay for their maids dress, some choose other funny and likeable trifle. What is the most popular gift of them all?

In various wedding themed and funny stuff selling e-shops, for men, you can find a bottle opener with "The very best man" written on it. For women, it's a hand mirror. You can also get a bottle of wine or plaque with a "Thank you" writing.

What else can you give them as a present? For example small jewellery as a resemblance. Bracelets for both – best men and bridesmaids. A silver pendant for your best woman, a pleasant fresh perfume, a small gift box containing natural hair cosmetics, a  gift parcel with natural bathroom products, wedding chocolate, a spoon with an engraved name, mini champagne, a handkerchief with a writing, funny flask, a keyring or some custom mugs.

Thanking your parents

Give your parents something symbolic, a memory of your special day and of how much they've helped. Usual gifts are plaques or other things with writings or gift cassettes with luxurious wedding wine. You can give them a pair of watches from the same brand with a note engraved on them. One piece of women's watch for your mother, one piece of men's watch for your farther. It's definitely suitable to give something your parents can have as a memory, something that lasts. A wristwatch is an ideal solution. And what to engrave on it? The date of your wedding, your names and of course – a big thank you.

The way of saying " Thank you" is all up to you. Sometimes you use simply "Thank you for everything", sometimes it's something more complex addressed to your partner's parents."Thank you for raising the manúwoman of my dreams". You can surely come up with something more original - a pun maybe - perfectly describing the parents. Before you start thinking about the endless list of things you're grateful for, keep in mind, that the area on the watch isn't limitless. Well, of course, you can get a big dial watch with more surface to be covered, yet still not enough for the long list of events and memories. Also, note that engravable are only watches with no surface enhancements (such as gold plating etc.) Therefore is it more than suitable to ask whether you can engrave the watch or not. The writing is usually placed on dial's bottom or the crown.

Mini gifts for the wedding attendants

By that I mean mini chocolates, gingerbreads with monograms of the newlyweds or other small stuff, placed next to name holders. It can be the name holder itself - made of chocolate. Sometimes shot glasses or wine glasses take place, mini champagne and wine bottles as well, wedding stamps with the newlyweds' monograms, name tags, homemade marmalade, wedding pencils, a package of chocolate almonds, tiny glass and handmade decorations, a good-smelling candle, soaps with monograms and so on. Try to keep up with the wedding's style though.

Meadow flowers and wedding honey are a perfect match for a traditional country wedding, as well as gingerbread or maybe some painted plates. As for the vineyard weddings, a corkscrew and a wine tasting glass are a necessity.

A boho style wedding can't miss natural decorations, that's why every gift for the attendants should be relaxed and natural – for example a wooden wedding pencil, hand made a dreamcatcher, an aromatic bag or a small candle made of bee wax and cone.

Well, you can surely add a funny note and a thank you for attending. Only 4 words "thank you for attending" probably are enough for goodbyes, but as a thank can you, in a different form may be, add something small as an acknowledgement. You'll see how easy it is to make people smile. And that's what matters – laughter, cheer and peace, essential for your special day, not asking everyone for everything and exaggeratingly thank for each detail.

Therefore, experience your wedding day with people you will like to see and those who will be glad to see you and be with you as well, especially on this special occasion. Only this way will your wedding be magical!


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