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How the man sees it: a stereotype that needs to be disproved

Kate Phillips | 4. 6. 2020

"Men only care about how a woman looks like!" Who said that? Did you? And how would you like it if someone said you talked too much, spent ages in the bathroom, and only thought of shoes and perfumes? It is about time to end this war of prejudices and understand that there will be something to them, but our common effort is not to really give any of these clichés.

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DIY: How to clean jewellery?

Caroline Smith | 28. 5. 2020

Water, dust, sweat, perfumes - all this leaves traces on our jewellery. That's why it is necessary to give them a little care from time to time. How to clean the jewellery at home and let it shine again? We will tell you in the following tips:

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TOP 10 best perfumes for girls and young women

Emma Lamb | 24. 5. 2020

Perfumes have been among us since ancient times. After all, even then, women wanted to be attractive and feel fresh all day long. But still can't choose the right one for you? Get inspired.

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How to deal with the breakup?

Emma Lamb | 18. 2. 2020

We all know it. At first, it was great love, later it began to decline, we were less and less together and when the breakup came. It doesn't matter if we broke up because of different life priorities, infidelity, a small amount of time spent together or because our relationship became a stereotype and we didn't have the strength to continue working on it. It doesn't matter whether we split up with the beloved half or whether we got dumped. Either way, coping with breakup tends to be difficult. Sometimes it passes in a week, sometimes in a month, sometimes we mourn and remember what it was like for months after the breakup. That's why we bring you our guaranteed tips on how to deal with the breakup as quickly as possible.

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Best watch glass? The answer will surprise you

Kate Phillips | 25. 11. 2019

One of the important parameters of every watch is undoubtedly the glass or more precisely the material from which it is made. Is the best plastic, mineral or sapphire? What's the difference? We will answer these questions in the article.

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Best way to spend a Halloween evening? We will advise you how

Caroline Smith | 29. 10. 2019

Check out our tips on how to spend your Halloween evening in the best way.

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5 reasons why choose a more expensive model over of a cheap watch

Kate Phillips | 23. 10. 2019

Are you wondering what makes an expensive watch different from a cheap watch? Why even buy more expensive watches? In our article, we will try to explain why in some cases it is worthwhile to reach for more expensive watches and not look at the price.

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Chronograph - what does it do, how does it work and why want it?

Emma Lamb | 18. 10. 2019

You've probably already saw this term while choosing a watch. But what does the chronograph actually mean? Do I want it in my watch? And how to take care of it? We will answer that in our article.

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Chilly autumn weather - here are 5 tips how to fight bad mood

Caroline Smith | 16. 10. 2019

Autumn weather is not just colorful leaves and pleasantly long walks. Cool weather occasionally brings cold and rain, which after a sunny summer can be depressing. In this article, we'll look at 5 tips on how to fight a bad mood.

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Do you wear your watch correctly? We will advise you how

Caroline Smith | 14. 10. 2019

Wearing your watch properly is not just that. Although this may seem like a simple task, in practice, however, it is almost a scientific discipline. In this article, we will advise you on which hands should you wear your watch and which watch to choose for what occasion.

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How to clean jewellery at home? We will advise you how

Kate Phillips | 11. 10. 2019

Jewellery is the decoration not only of every woman, but also man. While ladies are skilled at wearing various ornaments such as bracelets, earrings, rings or necklaces, gentlemen are still discovering the right accessories. But it's not only about buying beautiful jewellery - you must also take care of your jewellery, otherwise their shine can go and you just left your eyes to cry. We will advise you how to take care of jewellery properly from the comfort of your home.

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Leather, steel or ceramic? Which watch strap to choose?

Caroline Smith | 4. 10. 2019

Want to buy a watch that fits you really well and lasts long? Then make sure to select the correct leash or strap. The materials from which the straps are made differ greatly. Each type has certain advantages and disadvantages. Let's take a look at them and find the best watch for you.

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Pandora - the jewellery that enertains

Kate Phillips | 19. 9. 2019

Do you love personalistic jewellery and accessories you can wear anywhere? We have great news for you! Be in and make your own style only according to you. In Pandora's spirit. Why is this brand so special? The following article will answer this question.

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European mobility week begins - join in too!

Emma Lamb | 16. 9. 2019

On 16 September, the European Mobility Week starts, followed by the World Car Free Day. Take the opportunity to leave your car at home for once. Ride a bike or walk for at least a part of your way to work or school. Do something for the planet and once again enjoy the joy of movement.

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On the way to college. What to expect and how to prepare for the first week of study?

Johanna Werner | 10. 9. 2019

September is already in full swing and for a lot of high school graduates it means it's getting closer to the university. The academic environment is a little different from the high school environment. How to prepare for the start of the new university year and what to expect from the first weeks of study? Read the article.

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Women's perfumes for Indian summer

Caroline Smith | 5. 9. 2019

Do you know how Indian summer smells? A piece of it is hidden in each of the five perfumes that we carefully selected for you in today's article. Try one and let yourself be carried away in the waves of this beautiful, dreamy time.

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How do you prepare for an interview and how do you manage to pass it?

Kate Phillips | 23. 8. 2019

Are you looking for a new job and are you waiting for the interview? You don't have to be in an unpleasant situation. Give up fears and preparedness for the fight in front of recruiters. Armed with a smile, confident, with sincerity and determination. Finally, a meeting can turn into a pleasant conversation at the end of which you can get a pretty easy job. How is this possible? Get informed about in this article.

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How to fix your hair quickly and easily

Kate Phillips | 15. 8. 2019

You know this for sure: you wake up in the morning, and the look in the mirror, on the tattered and disheveled hair is not exactly happy. Where are the gentle waves or the beautifully styled haircut of yesterday? Immediately you have to go to work and therefore certainly have no time to spend an hour in the bathroom. So what now? The taming of unruly hair curls does not necessarily have to be an unpleasant and tedious task. Read the following article and say bye-bye to your un-styled hair.

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A perfect fragrance for this summer

Caroline Smith | 17. 6. 2019

Which summer fragrance will completely charm you and which perfumes do you must have? That's simple - fresh perfume is essential. We've made a list of the best perfumes you can get this summer!

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Surprise on the Children's Day

Věra Sýkorová | 27. 5. 2019

Children have their own day. We'll celebrate International Children's Day on Saturday, June1! This, of course, means a lot of fun and entertainment! Which gift will not only surprise your children but will be useful as well? What will cheer them up?

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How to pick a wedding gift for the happy couple?

Kate Phillips | 23. 5. 2019

You've been invited to a wedding. A pleasure indeed, yet what to do now? A preparation's ahead, choosing the right outfit as well as choosing the wedding gift. But how to choose the right present?

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Exotic scents of Africa

Emma Lamb | 20. 5. 2019

A day like no other is ahead of us. Africa Day is not just a resemblance of problems, which cannot be ignored, but a holiday celebrating continents unity as well. Nevertheless, it also signifies a day of exotic flavours and suggestive scents. Which one will charm you?

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How to get more time?

Kate Phillips | 29. 4. 2019

It surely happens to you as well – there's a bunch of deadlines and tasks ahead of you, yet you still postpone until the furthest point possible. Do you feel stuck in a loop? We'll tell you how to end this madness forever in our article.

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How to make your wedding unforgettable?

Caroline Smith | 15. 4. 2019

I bet you've at least once imagined what's your wedding gonna be like. What should the right wedding look like? And how to enjoy your special day without stress? Continue reading and you'll find out.

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Tommy Hilfiger and his innovative style

Emma Lamb | 1. 4. 2019

Tommy Hilfiger is not just your everyday brand, quite the opposite, so if you really want to appreciate this fashion brand you need to know Tommy's story first. It will grab your soul in a way you'll never see Tommy Hilfiger as you did before. I dare to say you'll be filled with desire.

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Zombie Apocalypse proof watch

Caroline Smith | 18. 3. 2019

Are you looking for indestructible watch? That even your heroes (unless you support zombies) in Zombie Apocalypse movies wear? Your searching is over! We've got exactly what you need! Watch known for their toughness  and ability to survive extreme conditions.

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What are Niche perfumes?

Emma Lamb | 11. 3. 2019

You might have heard the term "Niche" relating to perfumes, yet without any clue what that means? Exceptional luxury, the next big thing, interesting surprise or something ordinary and over-exaggerated? Read all you need to know about this phenomenon in our article.

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The most popular perfumes in 2019

Caroline Smith | 19. 2. 2019

The list of the most popular fragrances changes every year, but some brands still keep the top positions. Which women´s and men´s perfumes were awarded last year? And which ones are going to be popular this year? After you read our article you will know.

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Best winter activities in mountains

Emma Lamb | 12. 2. 2019

Maybe you go skiing every year or maybe you conquer mountain tops snowboarding, no sudden change of weather can suprise you and maybe you long have your favourite mountain destination you like to come back to. Or maybe you are not a fan of winter at all and you would rather visit mountains in the summer. But why don´t you try something different this year?

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Valentine´s Day guide: How to shine and succeed

Caroline Smith | 18. 1. 2019

Every day is a reason to celebrate. Be a self-indulgent and enjoy a week full of romance! How do you celebrate you Valentine´s Day?

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Why to shop during sales

Emma Lamb | 9. 1. 2019

Are you going to take advantage of low prices after Christmas? Are you looking for a bargain? Sale – this magical word is undoubtedly going to cheer all the good souls careful with their money. What you should be careful about while shopping on sale?

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How to wrap presents creatively

Věra Sýkorová | 19. 12. 2018

Are you finished with your Christmas shopping? Did you manage to get everything you wanted or even a little bit more? But this is not the end of fun, because the perfect gift doesn't have to be the beginning and the end of the whole surprise.

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Hints for Christmas Presents

Kate Phillips | 15. 11. 2018

Christmas is nearly here. What kind of Christmas presents are fashionable this year? What will leave your relatives speechless? What, in turn, is a completely neutral Christmas present? Have you got similar questions on your mind? You might find the answers here.

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A Shocking Discovery! These 13 Easy Steps Lead To Happiness

Věra Sýkorová | 7. 11. 2018

Where does the happiness come from and how do you get it? Happiness is desired by almost everyone. But do we really need so much to achieve it? The answer is surprising. The path that leads to it may be less steep than it seems at first glance. Many claim that happiness is a completely natural state of being, not something that we would have to complicate to accomplish. 

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Trendy 2018 Hairstyles For Work And More

Caroline Smith | 12. 6. 2018

Are you always wearing your hair loose, tucked behind your ear, or just a simple ponytail? That needs changing! Get up a couple of minutes earlier in the morning and give your hair some attention. With a little bit of inspiration you can look and feel like a goddess.

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Don't ignore the conditioner!

Věra Sýkorová | 12. 6. 2018

Although we live in the 21st century, there are still women who don't use the conditioner after washing their hair with a shampoo, saying they don't need it... are you one of them? Then have a short look at a couple of reasons why we believe it is a mistake.

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10 Most Attractive Men's G-SCHOCKs

Věra Sýkorová | 12. 6. 2018

"In good times and bad " is not just a marriage vow anymore. If you listen well, you can hear every new sports watch G-Shock whisper it into your ear. They have been designed specifically to survive a harsh treatment. They will bear anything and everything.

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4 Reasons to Love Matrix Biolage R.A.W.

Christopher Wilkinson | 22. 3. 2018

Matrix is one of the top brands for professional hair care. Because of the quality and great results of their cosmetics, millions of hairdressers around the world use it and it’s quickly finding its way in our bathrooms ... Let’s take a look at their Biolage RAW range and why you should try it.

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Spring detox

Kate Phillips | 12. 3. 2018

The beginning of spring is the ideal time for a good spring clean. However you shouldn’t stop at your home. Your body has been suffering in the cold, with less sunlight, less fresh air, less activity and more comfort food; not to mention the festive seasons excesses. Indulge yourself with a pain-free spring detox and you’ll feel reborn.

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Review: Yves Saint Laurent – Black Opium

Caroline Smith | 8. 2. 2018

Yves Saint Laurent, one of the most influential and respected fashion designers of the 20th century, is unfortunately no longer among us, but his message of making the world more beautiful is still spreading. The Black Opium ladies' perfume is a brilliant example.

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Dyed Hair: How to keep it beautiful for as long as possible?

Emma Lamb | 1. 2. 2018

It might come as a surprise, but the hair colouring process should not start when you have settled into a hairdresser's chair (or self-applying a selected "box" from the chemist) and end about 2 hours later. You can influence the endurance, and intensity of colour not only with your behavior a few days before colouring, but also with the aftercare. Learn how to have beautiful, healthy and radiant hair for as long as possible!

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Make it to and make it through Oktoberfest

Caroline Smith | 25. 9. 2017

Whether you just enjoy an occasional tipple or all the staff at your local know you by first name, I’m sure you’ll have heard of Oktoberfest. You’ll probably know it’s one of the largest beer festivals in the world. That's why there are millions of visitors year after year who yearn for liquid gold. Are you going too? Then here are a few tips to help you make the most of it.

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What can they do and what are Festina watches made of?

Věra Sýkorová | 31. 8. 2017

Without exaggeration, the Swiss Festina watch represents the best investment in your beauty, career and good interpersonal relationships. You cannot get a better "3in1" on the watch market. Moreover, you do not even have to sell your favorite golf clubs or promise your daughter to an Arab sheik because of it.

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Everything you wanted to know about Festina

Věra Sýkorová | 31. 8. 2017

Sooner or later, you will stop enjoying fighting with your own pocket every time you want to find your phone to see what the time is. At that point, you will remember the practicality of wrist watches and, according to long-term research, you (or at least the majority of you) will instinctively type "Swiss watch" or directly "Festina" into your web browser.

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Plus now: Free shipping on over 3710 products!. MORE HERE