TOP 10 best perfumes for girls and young women

  • TOP 10 best perfumes for girls and young women

TOP 10 best perfumes for girls and young women

Perfumes have been among us since ancient times. After all, even then, women wanted to be attractive and feel fresh all day long. But still can't choose the right one for you? Get inspired.

In the past, scents only existed in their basic form - in flowers, herbs, woody plants and fruits. Later, they began to form oil essences or incense. Today, there is an inexhaustible amount of perfumes, from fruity tones to floral and spicy to oriental. But don't forget that every perfume on every woman smells completely different, why is that? Its scent is affected by biological changes in the pH of the skin. These changes most often occur during puberty, pregnancy and also during menopause. What we eat also has an effect on the skin and consequently on the scent of the perfume. For example, very spicy foods significantly affect our aroma. It is also affected by our lifestyle or the regular use of certain medications.

Do you know how to apply the perfume correctly?

Where to apply the scent so that it smells, but not too much? What are the right places? It is said that Coco Chanel once uttered the legendary sentence that the scent should be applied to places where a woman wants a man to kiss her. Women usually put the perfume on their wrists, neck, forearms and also behind their ears. There is thin skin in these places and the blood pulsates more strongly than in other places. Thanks to this, the scent evaporates better and more evenly. That is why women are so irresistible to men. And also thanks to her favourite scent, women feel fresh all day long. Just choose the best one for you. What are the most popular women's perfumes?

1. Raw Chemistry Pheromones for Women

The laboratory in the US state of Oregon has created a ladies perfume, which has one main goal - to attract the attention of the opposite sex. The perfume should last on the skin for more than 24 hours and its main priority is its velvety consistency, which is quickly absorbed into and onto the skin, leaves a velvety layer. The scent does not contain alcohol, it is made only from a mixture of various natural oils.

2. Vera Wang  

Women's perfume is a mixture of exotic flowers, juicy fruit and also aromatic vanilla. All this is wrapped in tones of water lily and apples. This perfume is especially suitable for spirited women who like unpredictability.

3. Katy Perry Purr

This is a truly seductive scent that no woman or man can resist. It mixes fresh tones of peach, apple, gardenia and bamboo. In other moments, you can feel the intoxicating vanilla and exotic coconut. It underlines the natural charm and elegance. The bottle-shaped bottle is as playful as the scent it envelops.

4. Guess Parlux Fragrances

Sweet and sexy, such is the scentfromf the world-famous brand Guess. It brings tones of ripe green apple and sweet tangerine. The fruit is complemented by peony, lilies of the valley and freesias. This fruity-floral scent perfectly tunes the elegance of every woman, so it is especially suitable for the evening, in any season.

5. Victoria Secret Love Spell 

This is a perfume for ladies who like fresh and light scents that will make them feel good all day long. The mixture of white jasmine, cherry blossom and peach is wrapped in an elegant purple bottle. It is suitable for all-day wear, especially in the hot summer months, so ladies can carry it in their handbag with them at all times to refresh themselves at any time.

6. Versace Bright Crystal

At first glance, it attracts attention with a bottle, the lid of which is cut into a gemstone, which refers to the jewellery and fashion house of the famous Versace brand. The delicate, pure scent is carried in the spirit of the most sensual fruity-floral scents that have ever been created. The citrus fruits of yuzu are complemented by ice chords and juicy tones of pomegranate. The hearts of the perfume are peonies, magnolias and the lotus flower. Musk, honey amber and wood add sensuality to the scent. The fragrance can be used all year round.

7. Ralph Lauren Romance

The women's perfume by Ralph Lauren is perfect for romantic women who love fruity-floral scents with a light tone of mystery. The head of the perfume is carried on a wave of essences of lychee, freesia, rose and ginger. Lilies, violets and lotus form the heart itself, which is complemented by moss, musk and patchouli.

8. Marc Jacobs Daisy

A flower paradise full of daisies, such is the eau de toilette from Marc Jacobs. It is especially suitable for women very young, optimistic, playful and casually elegant. The sparkling floral-woody scent is suitable for all-day wear. At the beginning of the aroma, chords of wild strawberries, grapefruit and violet leaves are mixed. Subsequently, the scent of gardenia and jasmine develops. All this is complemented by sensual musk and intoxicating vanilla. The playful bottle with a daisy-shaped lid won the award for the most beautiful design in 2008.

9. Bvlgari Omia Crystalline

Be naturally sensual whenever you want. With this fragrance, you will be wrapped in freshness, beauty and purity for the whole day. The powder-floral scent is perfect for the spring and summer months. Its main notes are lotus, bamboo, Asian nashi pear and also balsa wood.

10. Lancôme La Vie Est Belle

A symbol of freshness and beauty, such are the fragrances from the French brand Lancôme. The sweet fruity-floral scent is the right choice for a confident and free woman who does not want to adapt to any trends or rules. Black currant is mixed with sweet pear, jasmine with orange blossom, vanilla with praline and patchouli. La Vie Est Belle combines a balanced combination of beauty and strength, the desire to live according to oneself and the effort not to be controlled by the dictates of society. The fragrance saw the light of day in 2012 and since then it has remained at the forefront among the most popular fragrances in the world.


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