How to deal with the breakup?

How to deal with the breakup?

We all know it. At first, it was great love, later it began to decline, we were less and less together and when the breakup came. It doesn't matter if we broke up because of different life priorities, infidelity, a small amount of time spent together or because our relationship became a stereotype and we didn't have the strength to continue working on it. It doesn't matter whether we split up with the beloved half or whether we got dumped. Either way, coping with breakup tends to be difficult. Sometimes it passes in a week, sometimes in a month, sometimes we mourn and remember what it was like for months after the breakup. That's why we bring you our guaranteed tips on how to deal with the breakup as quickly as possible.

Say "no" to alcohol

Alcohol is the scourge of mankind, helps to forget, improves mood, relaxes and helps eliminate stress. But all of this is only temporary. If you drink cause of pain and grief, you will probably feel way worse in the morning than you did before. In addition, physical discomfort will add to the pain of a breakup and the situation will be worse the next day. Forget alcohol, make yourself happy, change something in your life or start doing sports.

Change your life - live healthy and happy 

You may have been thinking for a long time that you want to start playing sports, eat healthier, go abroad or change work. A breakup is a perfect opportunity to start doing whatever you want.

After breaking up, you will have plenty of time for yourself and to devote yourself to new things in your daily life. Plus, you won't have to worry about what your half thinks about your decision and lifestyle.

Block contacts on social media

In any case, do not try to write or call former love, contact them on Facebook, write heartbreaking messages or imagine what it would be like if you get back together. This behaviour will only hurt you more and more and thus you will avoid forgetting yourself. You will always think about them and it will be difficult for you to start a new single life or build a new relationship.

Make yourself happy

Take the time to yourself. Go for a massage, a gym, cosmetics or a cinema with a friend. Do anything you haven't had time for in recent months. The more fun you have, the less you will think about the breakup and the less you will regret it. 

If you like shopping, buy anything that makes you happy. Someone will be delighted with new cosmetics, others like watches. Nothing is forbidden, the most important thing is your happiness and that you should recover after the breakup as soon as possible and stop worrying about the breakup.

Change the environment

Pack and travel with your friend. It doesn't have to be expensive trips to the sea or the mountains. Just go for a weekend at a cottage, under a tent or perhaps a trip around the country. In short, take time for yourself and your friends, travel and get to know each other.

Get rid of everything that reminds you of them

Put all the gifts, stuffed animals, chains, bracelets, simply anything that reminds you of former love in a box and put it on top of the closet or basement. Remove anything that may remind you of your breakup. If you keep the gifts in your eyes, it will be difficult to forget.

If you have any fragrance associated with former love, do not hesitate to buy a new perfume. You will be happy and the smell will not remind you of them. You can choose perfumes with a similar aroma as you have had so far or focus on something completely different. Do you mainly use fruit fragrances? Try fine citrus.  

Give emotions a free pass

Do not hoard emotions inside of you. Talk about what you feel. Tell your friends or write a diary. If you feel that way, feel free to cry or scream. Do whatever will make you feel better.

It is not good to talk bad about your ex, certainly not, try to calm down from everything you feel and try to close it as quickly as possible. Don't go back to it and not to blame yourself or them for everything that has happened to you in your life.

Forget about reconciliation sex

Avoid any private contact. It might not turn out well. There is probably a good reason you broke up. Meeting makes forgetting even more difficult. These relationships don't really work, and if you only meet for the purpose of casual sex, it's likely to get worse. There will always be emotions somewhere and you will be unnecessarily worried.

Stop blaming yourself 

Stop blaming yourself. Do not seek guilt only with you, the fault is always on both sides. Yes, always. It is good to realize why the relationship did not work out, but it is useless to melt in these thoughts. Do not think too much about it, stop saying "what if", rather focus on the future, on yourself, your friends, interests or perhaps sports.

Don't start a new relationship too soon

Sometimes we have a tendency to rob Peter to pay Paul. In the case of relationships and breakups, this is finding a new partner as quickly as possible. The new partner may entertain us for a while and dissipate our sadness, but most of the time, such a relationship will not last long and you will end up in the post-breakup carousel very soon again.  

It is best to start a new relationship only when we are ready and the previous relationship is completely closed. Otherwise, we will constantly compare the new partner with the former, worst-case scenario, you may even talk about them all the time. This will annoy your new love and the relationship will probably not last long.


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