We choose perfumes for a wedding, or TOP 10 perfumes, which will impress

  • We choose perfumes for a wedding, or TOP 10 perfumes, which will impress

We choose perfumes for a wedding, or TOP 10 perfumes, which will impress

Are you going to a wedding and wondering what perfumer to choose? We bring you an overview of the best perfumes suitable for a wedding. Read our article and use it as inspiration for choosing your perfume. Enchant other wedding guests with a perfectly chosen perfume.

The clothes make the man

Before you go to the wedding, the most important thing is to choose the right outfit that will really suit you. Although most attention is focused on the bride, guests should be dressed to suit the festive nature of the whole event.

If you are not sure how formal the clothes should be, you can always consult with the bride and groom. It is they who know best how they imagine their D-day and what they think it's suitable and what's not. The environment in which the ceremony and subsequent banquet will take place can also be indicative for you. The ceremony in the church deserves stricter rules in dressing than a relaxed ceremony in the garden or, the currently so popular, barn.

Above all, ladies should be careful about the right colour of their outfit. Definitely avoid white - that belongs only to the bride on this day and maybe she might be mad at you if you appeared on her wedding in nice, but white or cream dress. Likewise, black should be taboo for you. The wedding is a fun event, so don't be afraid to reach for cheerful colours, pastel shades or delicate patterns.

Accessories and perfume play a huge role

You have your clothes ready and you have even managed to choose shoes. Now it's time for accessories. Men can take their watches to the wedding, while women can't make a mistake with a tasteful necklace, bracelet or nice earrings.

A very important part of the preparations is symbolized by the application of a perfume. Although it may seem like a trifle, you definitely want to feel comfortable throughout the day. Due to dancing and alcohol, sooner or later you will start sweating and it pays to have a bottle or a spray of perfume with you so that you can freshen up at any time.

But what specific perfume to reach for that day? Should you prefer the perfume you normally wear, or rather experiment? 

Choose a perfume in which you feel comfortable

Ideally, if you reach for a light perfume. Avoid heavy perfumes. If the ceremony or banquet takes place in a smaller enclosed room, the individual perfumes of all the wedding guests may begin to mix and create an atmosphere in which no one will feel well.

We have prepared for you 5 tips for women's and 5 tips for men's perfumes, which are great for a wedding. 

Calvin Klein Eternity

The women's perfume Calvin Klein Eternity symbolizes a timeless and elegant fragrance for all women. It is a romantic floral fragrance that you will definitely welcome on hot summer days. At the same time, it is light and suitable for everyday wear. Tones of citrus, freesia and sage play a key role. These are followed by charming tones of flowers and everything is enhanced by the base of sandalwood, musk and amber.

Hugo Boss The Scent

Another fragrance for women that is suitable for a wedding is the perfume Hugo Boss The Scent. It is a modern floral-fruity fragrance that is very popular. Thanks to its freshness, it is suitable for both everyday wear and special occasions such as the wedding. Right at the beginning, your heart will be won by seductive freesia combined with sweet peaches, the heart is made of flowers and the base is composed of delicate tones of cocoa, which adds softness and depth to the perfume.

Versace Bright Crystal

The women's perfume Versace Bright Crystal offers a fresh scent that women around the world love. It is also popular thanks to its interesting bottle, whose lid is inspired by an elegant cut gem. The perfume was designed in 2006 by perfumer Alberto Morillas and has been reached by women ever since, for everyday wear and special events.

Right at the beginning, you will feel the tones of yuzu citrus fruits, which are combined with a juicy pomegranate. This is followed by floral tones in the form of peony, magnolia and lotus flower. The base is made of warm amber and fine musk.

Dolce & Gabbana 3 L’Imperatrice

Women's perfume Dolce & Gabbana 3 L'Imperatrice stands out, especially on warm spring and summer days. For this reason, we chose it as a great option for wedding festivities. In the beginning, juicy tones of kiwi are heard, which are combined with a relatively distinctive pink pepper. This is followed by charming rhubarb, watermelon, cyclamen and silky soft jasmine, all enclosed by a very pleasant base made of citrus and sandalwood, as well as musk.

Lacoste Eau de Lacoste Pour Femme

Lastly, we chose Lacoste Eau de Lacoste Pour Femme for the women's wedding perfume category. It is a sensual and at the same time delicate scent that will make you feel like in cotton. Great for daily wear in spring and summer. Right at the beginning, your heart will get sweet pineapple tones, which is complemented by bergamot and fresh tangerine. The heart of the perfume is made of silky soft jasmine and orange blossom, and the whole composition is closed by warm sandalwood, fragrant vanilla and vetiver.

Hugo Boss Hugo

Now we move on to perfumes that can be reached by the men's part of the wedding guests. The first of them is the perfume Hugo Boss Hugo, which boasts a fresh aromatic scent. It is suitable for everyday wear and especially in warm weather, which made it ideal for wedding days. The first part of the scent belongs to juicy grapefruit and green apple. This pair is complemented by mint, basil and lavender. The heart of the scent then consists of a pleasant carnation, jasmine and sage, all closed by woody tones of cedar and fir.

Versace Eros

Another interesting perfume is Versace Eros, which in addition to wedding festivities, you will also appreciate when worn to work. The perfume was created for confident men, it is unobtrusive but captivating. At the heart of the scent, you will find ambroxan, geranium, and tonka beans, all topped by the essences of moss, cedar, vetiver and pleasantly fragrant vanilla.

Lacoste Essential

You will appreciate the men's perfume Lacoste Essential at the wedding thanks to its long-lasting endurance. In the beginning, your heart will receive a juicy tangerine, which combines with blackcurrant leaves. The whole perfume is built on a solid foundation of warm cedar wood and earthy patchouli.

Calvin Klein Euphoria Men

The penultimate candidate is the men's perfume Calvin Klein Euphoria Men, which perfectly combines freshness and sensuality. In the beginning, you will be surprised by tones of pungent pepper and ginger, which are very soon complemented by black basil, sage and distinctive cedar leaves. The basis of the scent is warm wood, amber, patchouli and extremely fine suede.

Versace Eau Fraiche Man

If you haven't chosen yet, maybe your heart will win the last adept. It is the men's perfume Versace Eau Fraiche Man, which, thanks to its freshwater scent, is perfect for a hot summer day. In the introduction, citrus tones of bergamot and lemon, which are complemented by carambola. The heart of the scent is made of pungent pepper, cedar and sage, and everything is complemented by a solid warm base made of amber, saffron, musk and sycamore.


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