How the man sees it: a stereotype that needs to be disproved

  • How the man sees it: a stereotype that needs to be disproved

How the man sees it: a stereotype that needs to be disproved

"Men only care about how a woman looks like!" Who said that? Did you? And how would you like it if someone said you talked too much, spent ages in the bathroom, and only thought of shoes and perfumes? It is about time to end this war of prejudices and understand that there will be something to them, but our common effort is not to really give any of these clichés.

Man's point of view

Of course, nicely shaped curves, nice breasts, beautiful hair, and soft skin are important attributes of whether a man finds a woman attractive or not. From an evolutionary point of view, these are key assumptions that a woman is healthy, fertile, and has a high chance of successful reproduction. Although these benefits have become less important over the generations, they still subconsciously affect male perception and ensure sexual attraction.

The common view

Appearance, therefore, plays a lot, but it is not one of the dominant factors when choosing a partner. We will be based on the latest studies, which are pleasantly surprising in that a man's view of the opposite sex is not so different from the way a woman views on men. And she would never choose her partner just by appearance? Or would she?

Prospects for the future

One of the biggest surprises will be the fact that more and more men are looking for more than just a short-term romance and the choice of a partner is subject to the preconditions for a lasting relationship. But the catch remains that nature and approach to other people, others appreciate independence and career goals, and others have other advantages on the list - the desire to have a family or culinary skills.

Power in simplicity

At the same time, however, men acknowledge simplicity ... for the first affection, a simple stimulus is enough to arouse sympathy and interest: posture, voice, confident demeanor, positive attitude or humor. All mentioned is really attractive - regardless of proportion, hair color or age. Researchers at the University of British Columbia in Canada have even shown in their studies that a man is more attractive to a woman, the wider and brighter her smile is.

Men appreciate the natural look

It is a fact that men like to look at lined, sexy, and sensually made-up goddesses. For life, however, they more often choose women who prefer nature and feel great even in a sporty or careless out-of-bed look. But in order for this style to really suit a woman, its precondition is her healthy self-confidence and elegance radiating from within.

Men also have their peculiarities

Weakness for strange combinations of tastes, fondness for cult subjects, or strange manifestations of nervousness. Men also pay close attention to these peculiarities in women. Not only that, they even consider them cute and appreciate them a lot, because they have countless of them themselves. They realize that perfection is actually boring and every little difference of this type makes a woman unique in a completely unique way.

Men are not afraid of confident women

The male conquest instinct also arouses female independence and self-confidence. To stand with both feet on the ground in life, not to be ashamed of your opinion, to be good at your demanding job and at the same time manage the household and children can only be real power-women who inspire men immensely.

Free life 

Which brings us to another important point - freedom. Just as women need their interests and time with friends, men need their sports matches and pub evenings. It is, therefore, necessary to give the partner space to decide freely, to trust him.

Men must not be humiliated

It is absolutely essential for men to be respected. Partner, family, friends, and colleagues. Publicly slandering, commanding, correcting and adjusting his narration, ending his entertainment with an eloquent look at his watch and a call to leave, or any other form of humiliation in front of others is the worst thing you can do to the master of creation and inevitably leads to loss of trust and conflict.

Cards on the table

This is probably one of the other reasons for the disagreements between the partners and something that women should be careful about. While women often prefer to hide the point thoroughly between the lines and confuse their counterparts with vague hints, men generally prefer a clear speech. Openness and directness are close to men and therefore impress them.

A partner in crime

Many men want not only a mistress by their side but also a partner who will not spoil any fun. A woman with whom they can have a few drinks, have fun, and, most importantly, not care about anything at all for a while. Almost all men (and also women) agree on this point: the ability to laugh together is absolutely essential. 

Stay true to yourself!

The conclusion takes us back to basics. Because if you're more insecure than determined and quieter than merry kicks, stay the way you are! What we agree on unanimously is the desire for absolute authenticity. Pretending to make an impression on your counterpart is always a bad strategy. Love and partnership must not be a struggle with ourselves or an exhausting spasm but should be our support and make us strong - for all the challenges that await us in life.


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