What perfume to take on holiday?

What perfume to take on holiday?

We all know that - whether we go to a wine party, a theatre or a company party with friends, we want to feel our best. Comfortably. We want to please ourselves, but also others. A good feeling of yourself includes a suitable perfume that suits us. It smells good to both us and our partner. But hoe is it with perfume on holiday? Attention, we are not talking about two weeks in a cottage by the campfire or in a country. What perfume is the right one for Croatia, Italy or Greece, for example?

What is a perfume?

The perfume itself is a mixture of essential oils and other aromatic substances. In the narrower sense, it is a fragrance preparation with a high concentration of fragrance. It serves to mask the odour. It is generally believed that less is sometimes more. Perhaps everyone has that unfortunate experience. Perfumes as such are divided according to the intensity of the scent. We have all come across terms such as eau de toilette or cologne. Perfumes are further divided according to scent - the best known are floral, citrus, woody or oriental. The basic rule is to apply only one perfume, if possible, a combination of multiple perfumes is not recommended due to disharmony.

Everyone is different

This also applies to the suitability of the chosen perfume. Some people like the heavy oriental scent, some people like the good smell of leather, some give more citrus, fresh aroma. That is the time when sweaty pâtés went to warm countries for a holiday, today we want it to be used with everything with the right comfort, including a suitably chosen perfume, we want to feel good (and fragranced)!

We have already discussed the composition of the perfume. So the essence of the matter is that if we apply the perfume on the blood vessels (behind the ears, on the neck, between the breasts), in a warm climate, the perfume evaporates faster. The same goes for applying perfume to clothes. So it's good to have a quality, more expensive perfume, which you definitely won't use all in the first night.

Personally, I choose a light, citrus scent for the warm landscape. 


It's also good to know a little about the destination we're going to. How will my perfume smell in Croatia, for example? In Egypt? In Israel? Are there any unwritten rules about some scents? Or even taboo? I travel by car, by plane? Is it good to keep in mind the basic rule - my perfume must not bother anyone! 

A little research won't hurt

If you are not sure which perfume to choose, ask your friends - what perfume they have tried, which has proven themselves. You can also go to perfumery and find out what is popular before the holidays.

But personal experience is priceless. Does your chosen perfume smell good in the "home environment"? Have you tried it at different temperatures? Does your perfume smell better on the body or on the clothes? Does it smell good to your partner? Feel free to write down and evaluate everything! And don't be afraid to experiment! 

The most expensive does not mean the best

We've come across the idea that the more expensive the perfume, the better. Sure, the price says a lot, but that doesn't mean you don't end up throwing a lot of money out the window for the wrong perfume. And if you're not sure, they should give you qualified advice in the perfumery.

The final five

  1. choose a perfume that you especially like!
  2. try it under different conditions at home!
  3. What are the conditions in a holiday destination?
  4. My scent perfume not bother!
  5. If I don't know, I'll ask an expert!


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