A Shocking Discovery! These 13 Easy Steps Lead To Happiness

  • A Shocking Discovery! These 13 Easy Steps Lead To Happiness

A Shocking Discovery! These 13 Easy Steps Lead To Happiness

Where does the happiness come from and how do you get it? Happiness is desired by almost everyone. But do we really need so much to achieve it? The answer is surprising. The path that leads to it may be less steep than it seems at first glance. Many claim that happiness is a completely natural state of being, not something that we would have to complicate to accomplish. 

According to scientists, our feelings are nothing more than chemical reactions. A good mood is caused by an endorphin, which is also called the "happiness hormone". And it's not the only one. Next, we could name serotonin, dopamine or oxytocin – the love hormone. But is it really so simple? Can we only get euphoric feelings of joy by good food, movement or warm embrace? How then can the inner satisfaction persist?

1. Start with yourself


Every positive change starts from the inside. Only then all the rest follows. Where do you start? You have to realise that this is all about yourself. Nobody does it for you, no excuses save you. Face the situation as it is, even if you don't like it. A change can take a while – a year, a month, a week or a second – everything is possible. It is vital to realise that it can be done. The limits of possibility have not yet been set, so don't assert the change to better is impossible. Take the responsibility for your deeds and don't be afraid to admit to your errors. Be honest to yourself. Once you are happy with who you are, the others will notice. Make sure that your image corresponds – get a fashionable handbag or treat yourself with a new fresh fragrance. A stylish watch is not a bad idea, either... 

2. Believe in yourself

You have to firmly believe that improvement is possible. Decide well and persevere. That doesn't mean ignoring other people's opinions, on the contrary, every advice is valuable. Nobody can claim they know everything. But this shouldn't mean we become competitive in everything we do. Everybody is unique, an inimitable original. We all have different views, different experiences  and different thoughts. Embrace your uniqueness and act accordingly. Appreciate all the good qualities and abilities you have as person. How much have you already achieved? How can you use this further? Look into the mirror. The self-reflection is crucial. Stop complainig about problems that don't even exist. There are certainly more things in your life that work perfectly than those that bother you...

3. Live now

Don't return to the past more often than necessary. Surely, everybody likes to recall the pleasant things in life. It's our memories that make us who we are. But we all have also experienced setbacks and failures. If these were caused by your mistakes, learn from them and move on. Don't trouble yourself with things you cannot change. It's simply a loss of time, unless you own a time machine of course. Living in the past negatively affects your present and future. Live the moment, exist here and now, do your best to enjoy all the good things you experience, so that you don't regret anything later. Don't waste your life. 


4. Perceive

Thoroughly enjoy everything that makes you happy, be it your or your relatives' success. And even when you don't feel so good, don't fight it, don't just push it back. You have to perceive and live through the negative emotions as well. Cry it out, scream it out, just don't suppress it inside. Don't play brave to yourself. Letting it out now will help you forget it faster. Just by suppressing the negative emotions, you can build a wall in your heart that might get very hard to pierce through. Plus, not hiding your emotions will help you understand them better. Perceive who you are and you'll live happier. 

5. Make your priorities clear

What's important for you? What do you really want? Ask yourself this question. Make a list of things you want to have and achieve in your life. Think about it and make it clear to yourself what goals you have. You can then organise your time better and be more confident.

6. Enjoy all the small things

Enjoying all the small things is what most of us forget to do. A morning coffee, fine weather, a nice word, all that can nurture your soul, you just have to realise it.

7. Be thankful

Be happy about what you already have, that helps you get even more! Don't take your success, your family and all the good things you have in your life for granted. Realise what the real worth of those things is for you.

8. Relax

Don't get overloaded. Don't let yourself be overwhelmed by neverending work. You need to unwind sometimes, too. The depression lurks around you in disguise and its most frequent starters are stress, dissatisfaction, exhaustion and supression of emotions. Don't give the depression a chance to seize you; the journey back to happiness is much harder then...


9. Enjoy some fresh air

You would'nt believe how much energy you can get from a simple walk in the woods. Learn how to relax properly. This "know-how" will come in handy later on.

10. Move and excercise

All those health procedures do have something beneficial in themselves. Day-long sitting in your job must be compensated for with some movement afterwards. You will feel livelier and experience more fun. Try riding your bike to work. Get a sports watch even, to follow your progress. Modern watches from the Casio G-Shock or the Festina Chrono Bike collections aren't designated only for the pro racers! 


11. Don't overstrain

Don't make your goals impossible to reach and take things with perspective. Be patient with others and with yourself. Don't give up too early and don't overdo the self-criticism, which could lead you to despising yourself. View the world without prejudice and keep your mind clear but busy: inactive mind means inactive life.

12. Observe the others

Learn from watching your surroundings. Don't only think about yourself. Find delight in making others happy, expecting nothing in return. Any kind of trifle will cheer the gifted and make your day better.

For example a Hugo Boss fragrance for men or a Chloé perfume for women.

13. Stay calm

Don't rush into things you are not ready for. Don't take the failures or criticism too seriously. Take advantage of things that can help you and leave out all the rest. Keep your inner calm and balance. Don't make quick decisions and conclusions unless you know all the circumstances. You never know if the unpleasant sitution wasn't caused by somebody's personal problem or indisposition. Be sympathetic. Live your life in a way that will make you feel good about it. And most importantly: don't forget to be happy.


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