The best wedding dresses for mums: what to choose?

  • The best wedding dresses for mums: what to choose?

The best wedding dresses for mums: what to choose?

What dress to choose for moms? What dresses are in today, will they be comfortable and at the same time sufficiently representative? We will talk about this in this article. We will advise you on how to choose a dress for moms.

The wedding symbolizes a significant event not only for future newlyweds but also for the closest family. It is parents who are often a big target of attention, which is why mothers try to dress so that they look beautiful and attract attention at a wedding. After all, they are waiting to meet the other half of the new family, so they want to have a decent and fitting dress in which they will feel good all day long. However, certain rules apply to the dresses of both mothers, which they should follow when choosing. What are they?

Adapt to wedding colours

While the bride's dress will be snow-white in most cases, the other ladies attending the wedding can be inspired by the wedding colours. The future newlyweds can either state them directly on the invitation or tell everyone in person. At the wedding, it then looks very nice when the individual wedding guests are a little in tune. For example, if one of the wedding colours is red, the mothers of the bride and groom can reach for a matching burgundy dress.

Avoid white and black 

However, there are two colours that simply do not belong to a wedding. They are white and black. Only the bride should be in white on the wedding day, and if another of the invited ladies wears this colour, it is considered a huge faux-pas.

A wedding should be a happy event, and that's why black doesn't belong to it. Especially for mothers of the bride and groom, such a colour would look very inappropriate. Keep in mind that you are dressing for the wedding, not for the funeral.

Bet on non-creasing material

As for the material, in the case of wedding dresses for mothers, it pays to reach for a pleasant non-creasing material. While the bride often changes during the day and evening, the mothers stay in the dress all day. They should, therefore, fit them well, not strangle them anywhere and be really comfortable.

What length of the dress to choose?

The wedding symbolizes a formal event, and the length of the dress should correspond to this. For mothers, dresses with a length slightly above the knees will be ideal. However, they can even reach for long formal dresses if they feel comfortable in them.

The alternative is further symbolized by a decent women's costume consisting of a skirt, blouse and a well-fitting jacket. Elegant ladies at an advanced age usually reach for this variant, or they are also suitable for grandmothers.

Church wedding attire vs. outdoors

If the ceremony takes place in a church, the rules for dress code are a little stricter. In this case, the dress should reach to the knees and women should have their shoulders covered. However, this does not mean that you have to completely give up dresses on a thin shoulder strap. All you have to do is throw your jacket, bolero or scarf over your shoulders during the ceremony. It is still colder in the church and with this accessory, you will look elegant.

If the ceremony takes place outside, the rules are much looser. If you are unsure, you can always consult with the bride about the suitability of a particular dress

Ready-made or tailor-made dresses?

Of course, your budget is very important for this issue. ordinary ready-made clothes will be much cheaper. However, if you decide to have a tailor-made dress made, you can get a perfectly fitting dress that you can use for many other more festive events (for example, for other weddings, graduations, christenings and more). The third option is to use the services of dress rentals.

Don't forget shoes, accessories, perfume and makeup

Each outfit also deserves perfectly matched accessories that will take it to a completely different level. Therefore, definitely do not forget about shoes - classic pumps will be ideal, but in the case of a more relaxed wedding, you can also reach for summer sandals. Match the handbag with the overall look, while choosing a smaller, elegant handbag.

Make-up and hairstyles for the mothers of the bride and groom are very often provided by the same make-up artist who styles the bride. If you have agreed on this, you do not have to worry about this task and you will be sure that you will have professional make-up. But don't forget a suitable women's perfume and jewellery - such as earrings, a women's watch, a necklace or a bracelet.


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