Gant Watches: a perfect style

Gant Watches: a perfect style

The brand was established in the United States in 1949 as"Gant Shirtmakers" by a visionary Bernard Gantmacher, making it the first US company to make men's clothing only. The brand became known for its quality, innovative ideas, creativity, informality and understanding customer's needs. Gant became the second biggest shirtmaker during the 60s and got quite popular as well.

The brand focuses on making dresses, shirts, sweaters, T-Shirts, shoes, sunglasses and the last but not least – men's watches. The current owner of the company is a Swiss group called Maus Fréres, yet basic characteristics
of connecting America and Europe are still easy to spot.

Watches by Gant

Classic and well-made, an ideal combination of both, that's what Gant watches are like. Decent connection of all the parts has been done perfectly by their manufacturer. Every piece leaves a different impression. Which one impresses you the most?

Gant men's watches

Gant watches for men – that's elegance and luxury at a fair price. They're well made, nothing extravagant, yet very original. They easily become your everyday partner and your stylish accessory. All the gadgets and the combination of European and American style will make you more than happy. With wristbands made of leather, steel, textile or silicone - all you have to do is to choose.,

Even all the colour varieties will be a surprise to you. The case itself can be found in rose gold colour, which makes a very luxurious appearance, yet quite decent at the same time. And that even with a green wristband, which makes the watch a bit more sporty.

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Gant women's watches

Women collections include plenty of colours, materials and styles. You can tell they!re smoother and fragile compared to men's watches, so they're suitable to fit even on a thin wrist. It perfectly completes any outfit you wear. Silver, black, green, brown, grey and even blue with blue or brown dial - some combinations will surprise you at first, but you'll fall for them eventually.

Silver watch with dial in the colour of wine, Gant Reddell GTAD09000499, is a perfect example of such a situation. The watch is stylish, smart and somehow extravagant at the same time. The message the watch sends is quite simple: "I know what I want and I stand my ground".

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Have your own style that suits you. A good watch says more than a thousand words. One look is all it takes.