How to place a complaint

We have established multiple exit checks and our colleagues in the warehouse are regularly trained so that you always get the package perfectly packed in your hands and so that there is no risk of damage to the goods during transport. We always buy goods only from verified suppliers and the evaluation of our e-shop shows that customers are maximally satisfied with our services and products. We even won one of the Shop of the Year categories. Positive reviews from Brasty shop make us very happy and motivate us to continue working. We always try to do our best for our customers.

However, it may happen that for some reason the goods will stop working as you would imagine. It may be a defect in material, tear or damage during transport. In similar cases, it is, of course, possible to place a complaint. For all new goods we offer on the e-shop, the warranty is valid for 24 months, you can find out more about the conditions of the complaint here.

How to place a complaint?

As soon as you receive the goods, please inspect them carefully as soon as possible. If you happen to find that the goods are damaged in any way, please notify us immediately of any defects. You can contact us in several ways: 

  • to the e-mail address of the operator 
  • by post to the operator's address (see below)
  • by phone at phone number: 02038 075 465 

As soon as you contact us, we will jointly agree on the next steps. If the goods are really damaged, you can send them in the original packaging or suitable transport packaging, with a description of the defect and a copy of the sales document to the operator's address:

Velkomoravská 479/19
Olomouc, 779 00

We usually decide on the complaint immediately, in more complex cases within 3 days of receiving the goods. The complaint will be settled no later than 30 days from the date of the complaint unless we agree otherwise with you. When making a complaint, we try to meet the needs of our customers as much as possible.

You can find the complaint sheet HERE.

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