Let's celebrate the beauty of our women!

  • Let's celebrate the beauty of our women!

Let's celebrate the beauty of our women!



The International Women's Day (IMD) is a truly exceptional day for more than one reason. It is celebrated almost all over the world (regardless of political or religious beliefs) and it has a tradition of more than 100 years. Its purpose is not the celebration of women "just" as wives and mothers, but mainly as free beings who have the same right as men to education and career, and a right to vote.

Since 1975, when the UN set this day as an internationally recognized holiday, we celebrate IWD every year on March 8th. It is a commemoration of strikes of New York seamstresses that protested against gender inequality and child labour (March 8, 1908).

Still, most of us see IWD simply as an opportunity to thank our wives, mothers or grandmothers for their love and care, which is just as important a mission. We definitely do not have to put up posters and hold TV shows (as was customary in countries under the socialist regime). Believe that your beloved women will appreciate most of all if you make time for them on that day. And if you also surprise them with a nice gift, they will be in the seventh heaven.

Time is the most precious thing we can give

A very popular rule for all business people is that "time is money". Therefore, if they want to survive in the fast and aggressive world of trade, they have to know what activities are worth paying their attention to and vice versa... But despite the many obligations, we should not neglect our family, our spouse. The time spent with our family is the greatest wealth we can ever get.

This year, forget about chocolate and carnations. Give her something to remind her of your love and support not for a week, but for decades – a branded ladies' watch. There are Swiss Festina watches the offer of which is more varied than what any box of chocolates can offer. You can choose among gold, silver and pink "sweets". However, if you want to give your wife something special, let her delight in a watch with zircons.

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The smell of home

Smell is a unique clue. Every car, city, home, and woman smells differently, and these sensations often belong to our most precious memories. Therefore, if we give our partner or mother a perfume, we are starting new chapters of human stories.

Try to buy a whole flower shop instead of a single bouquet this year! Select a floral ladies' perfume for her, from more than 140 brands in our offer, which will give her a sense of uniqueness. For the most impressive ones, look for Calvin Klein, DKNY, Lacoste, Versace or Hugo Boss.