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Lacoste Special Offers

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If you want to look great and feel great, there’s no better choice than to dress with sporty-elegant style. The famous French tennis player René Lacoste was well aware of this when in 1933 he founded his own casual clothing brand. His famous polo shirt was loved not only by tennis fans, but also by everyone who wanted to feel comfortable and look good.

Rene “the crocodile” Lacoste, chose his nickname as the logo for his brand when it was first founded. Since then it has become an instantly recognisable symbol of style, quality, and comfort. The brand, made famous by it’s polo shirts, has expanded to produce a wide range of clothing, as well as fashion accessories, watches, and fragrances. After nearly a hundred years of innovation and trend setting across the generations, the brand still promotes a feeling of fresh, sporty fun, serious quality and cosy comfort for those who have good taste. Will you join the club?

Choose the best from the French brand Lacoste:

Get to know practical and elegant Lacoste watches

Since the Lacoste brand was born on the tennis court, it will come as no surprise that the watches it produces are sporty. That being said, that doesn’t mean that they have compromised on elegance, clean lines and, above all, first-class quality, which you can rely on.

Lacoste men's watches are a charismatic accompaniment to every modern man's outfit. They are right at home in any situation, whether you are attending a business meeting or hitting the gym or the court after work. In the collection you will find beautiful watches with complicated dials and elegant, leather straps, as well as sports models of various colors.

Ladies with more refined tastes who will love the Lacoste collection of ladies’ watches. Choosing between them might be quite the challenge. Do you prefer elegant models with a leather strap and a gold dial, or would you prefer a bright and colourful sports watch? Whatever you choose, you can rely on quality workmanship and long life.

Lacoste does not forget even our little ones! Choose from the cheery and bright Lacoste children's watches, that boys and girls will fall in love with.

Indulge in energetic and fresh Lacoste Fragrances

When imagining typical French perfumes, you’d probably call to mind elegant and sophisticated scents that have centuries-old history, but France has many faces. This is highlighted by Lacoste perfumes, which are definitely not one of the heavy traditional fragrances you might have imagined. Quite the opposite. These perfumes are light, fresh and full of youthful vigor, which complement both the young and the young at heart. They won’t break the bank, yet they have a lot to offer and their quality does not lag behind their expensive competitors. Try them and see for yourself.

The most popular women's fragrances from Lacoste include the floral-woody Pour Femme or the citrus Touch of Pink. Gentlemen will be serving aces with the citrus classic Lacoste Essential or Lacoste Eau de Lacoste Eau de Toilette L.12.12. Blanc.