Principles For The Correct Use Of Watches

  • Principles For The Correct Use Of Watches

Purchasing watches is not a science, but it is also necessary to know and above all to adhere to certain principles for the proper use of watches. The following information should be carefully studied to increase the life of your watch and avoid unpleasant situations and unnecessary claims.
Although we always try our best to meet our customers expectations and demands, it's not always possible. Here you will find the most common pitfalls to aid the positive resolution of all claims. 

Anti magnetism:

Watches can be magnetized for short periods when exposed to a magnetic field.  As a result, the watch may decelerate or accelerate. This phenomenon disappears as soon as the watch is out of reach of the magnetic field. If the problem persists, it is necessary to demagnetise the watch at a service.
Watches generally resist a magnetic field up to 60 gauss.

Static electricity:

The integrated circuits inside the watch are very sensitive to static electricity. If they come in contact with a static charge, these circuits may be damaged or destroyed. Never leave your watch unattended!


The recommended temperature is in   range -5 to + 35 ° C.
Do not expose your watch to direct sunlight and do not leave it in extremely hot or cold conditions. Also, avoid sudden changes in temperature (for example, do not use your watch in the sauna, do not leave it on your dashboard, when you cool yourself off with cold water don’t cool off your watch too). This reduces the likelihood of malfunctions such as, deceleration or acceleration of watches, water leakage disturbances or shortened battery life.


Battery life is not covered by warranty. Do not leave a discharged battery in   watches, because leaking acids can damage the mechanism- damage due to improper use is not covered by the warranty.


Avoid contact with chemicals, such as perfumes. They can affect the colour and damage watch material. This type of  damage is not covered by the warranty.
Watches must be protected from contact with aggressive chemicals as well as gases. The result of contact may change the colour of the case, or watch strap. It may also occur surface etching, or leakage of the watch. Especially avoid contact with, gasoline or solvents, and the like.


Standard watches designed for common use are resistant to normal light bumps and shakes caused by normal daytime activities. Unfortunately, in these cases their treatment needs to be taken into account.
If the watches are set with stones, such as zirconia, we recommend to be particularly gentle here. We do not recommend these watches for everyday wear. In case of careless or excessive use, or  when a watch is dropped or knocked (as well as repeated light bumps), the watch can be damaged, the zirconia may fall out or be destroyed.


All zirconia in your watch are attached with a special glue. In the event of frequent use, misuse or loosening as a result of repeated and light bumps, they can collect dirt, which can not be cleaned. In these cases they will need to be replaced. Avoid such an environment and protect your watch - this defect is not covered by warranty as well as zirconia falling out due to shocks, impacts and falls. It is recommended  not to bathe, go to the sauna as well as various other sports activities which can increase the chances of zirconia being lost. We also strongly advise against exposure to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures, humidity sudden changes in temperature. This is even more important in cases when a stone/stones have already been reattached or repaired


Recommended care for your watch:


Battery life is counted at the time of insertion into the watch at the factory and serves solely for control purposes. At the first sign that the battery has discharged, ensure it is replaced. For waterproof watches, Only have the battery replaced by a service provider who will also perform a pressure test.

Leather strap and buckle:

We recommend not tightening the strap or pulling it too tightly - it should be possible to insert a finger between the wrist and the strap. The metal buckle should be regularly cleaned for hygiene reasons and to maintain its elegant appearance.

Surface finish:

In the case of purchase of gilded watches, as well as watches with other surface finishes (pink gold, black, gray, blue, etc.), note that the surface treatment of these watches is more susceptible to mechanical wear.
Watches with such coatings are not intended to be put under excessive strain or everyday wear. You will prolong the lifetime of these finishes if you do not allow the watch to come into  contact with sweat, moisture, chemicals, cosmetic creams or other aggressive substances. If the surface of your watch gets dirty, wipe it with a damp cloth and then dry it. In case you want to use the watch for sports or physical work, choose a watch with solid steel case without gilding and other colour treatments.