Shiny Pandora

Shiny Pandora

Are you asking why are Pandora jewels so popular? The answer is quite simple. You get to create it as well!

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Pandora was established in Copenhagen, 1982. It was done so by a married couple, which had come to favour unusual Thai jewels. The Enevoldsens decided to teach the Danish folk some Thai style and their idea had started to get popular in many countries all over the world. 

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Do it yourself - Pandora charms

Pandora company is most known for its original charms. Why?

Have you ever wanted a piece of jewellery, which you could create by yourself without complicated searching of the materials, you could make the jewel from? Now's your chance!

From the charms you pick, you can now make a stylish bracelet with personal charisma. All you have to do is get the charms and clips, that catches your attention the most. Which motive is expressing you the most?  

An owl, a cat, a dog, a tree of life, a heart, a tortoise, a suitcase, a planet, an aeroplane, a letter of the alphabet or some writing? What would you decorate your bracelet with, which would not only make you look better, yet would tell the world your story? Pandora comes with many interesting ideas, which you won't find anywhere else and if you're playful, you'll like this process of creation and will want to do it again, soon.

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Pandora bracelets

Almost every piece of jewellery can highlight some personality of yours, positive out shapes of your body or face. Silver Pandora bracelets for women can be proud of their simple design and the ability to embrace the creative spirit in you. Can be worn with almost all kinds of clothing and on any occasion.

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Pandora Earrings

Smooth and precise, modern and complicated... Pandora earrings will tell only this: that you have a unique style and love unusual accessories, which won't be lost in the crowd. Get some moonshine in your life and become an inspiration for everybody. With precisely worked Pandora earrings will that be an easy task.

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Pandora Pendants 

If you prefer simple pendants, which you use to decorate your neck or wrist, over bracelets with charms of your own making, you won't miss the chance to express yourself. Pandora pendants give you a similar chance to reveal yourself. Only a choice of a certain pendant tells a lot.

Are you a passionate traveller, feeling like home in romantic Paris? Get an Eiffel Tower pendant.  Gen an Eiffel Tower pendant. Do you have your life all lined up or are you still looking for directions? Get yourself a pending compass. Do you like tropical places? A pending palm will definitely catch your eye. This and much other stuff will you find in our shop.  

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Rose & Shine Collection

Jewelry don't need be only gold or silver. The elegant metal that perfectly expresses your self is rose gold. The Pandora Rose collection is for every irreparable romantics and souls in love. Rose gold personifies love and elegance that will make you happy every day.

Lovers of bright gold listen up - the Pandora Shine collection glitters like stars in the midnight sky. With these jewelry you will definitely not be lost in the crowd. If your man really loves you, he will give you a beautiful and shiny jewel from the brilliant Pandora Shine collection.

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Don't be afraid to show others what's inside of you! Stop holding yourself back and be creative!