Spring sale with the smell of luxury

  • Spring sale with the smell of luxury

Spring sale with the smell of luxury


Spring is here and with it comes a big spring sale. Don't miss it!

As in every household, in Brasty we clean up in the spring. We need to make room for new products to please you in the summer. What does this mean for you? That we cut the prices of your favourite luxury products really low. Now you can buy branded perfumes, watches and jewellery at a bargain price. So do not wait for anything, stocks are thinner!

Which products do you want to get for fresh spring prices?

It may seem that this spring is somewhat less cheerful than it usually is. But all the more reason to please yourself! You can't cover your watch, jewellery or perfume with a face mask, so boldly start choosing. 

Spring with new watches

Spring is the perfect time to let your wardrobe get some fresh spring breeze. And if you don't want to change your wardrobe in a hurry, what about starting with a new watch? In our spring sale now you can buy branded men's and women's watches at prices that pay off.

Which to choose? For fans of timeless style and clean design, there are models from Lacoste. Those of you who prefer a more ornate luxury can go for the beautiful Marc Jacobs watch. If you are a supporter of classic, you will certainly choose between more traditional pieces Festina or Timex. And lovers of top Japanese quality will not make a mistake with the popular brand Casio.

Whichever group you belong to, you can certainly choose from the rich offer.

Everything smells and blooms, do not be ashamed

Blooming trees, bushes and meadows are all around. Why not be inspired by them? Right now is the right time to get a new perfume that gives you energy and conjures up a smile on your lips. You can now buy men's and women's perfumes at reasonable prices. And there is plenty to choose from! As part of the spring sale, we have reduced the price of almost 500 perfumes.

With a spring sale, you can now buy popular perfumes from Calvin Klein, Paco Rabanne, luxury scent Tom Ford or immortal pieces from Chanel. And for lovers of unconventional and sumptuous fragrances, there are niche perfumes. Choose one of the gems from Montale or Rasasi, which are truly extraordinary.

Luxury jewellery that will suit you

There is never enough jewellery. Try some branded piece from our offer and shine in the glow of spring rays with a new necklace, bracelet or earrings. Spring sale also hit selected models of popular women's and men's jewellery, which you can now buy at a nice price.

Not sure what to choose? Tommy Hilfiger jewellery represents the best across all portfolios. Women and men choose between their modern and stylish pieces. And if your heart is glittering with glittering luxury, be sure to try Guess jewellery.