Fabulous gifts from love

Valentine's Day is one of the world's most renowned, most anticipated and most loved holidays. Love is suddenly all around! Florist's shops will be filled with the most beautiful flowers of all possible colours, the mailboxes will be cheered up by cute pink letters and restaurants will treat us to the divine smell of delicious Valentine's Day menus. All people in love will for a moment forget about their working and living annoyances and heal themselves with an all-powerful medicine called "love". But few of them know who St. Valentine really was and why we commemorate him.

In historical records, Saint Valentine was reportedly a bishop who, despite the emperor's ban on marriage (which would distract men from military duties), secretly married lovers and asked the soldiers to stay with their wives instead of going to war. Because of this, he was executed on February 14, 269.

That is why this day is not just an artificially created event commanding people to buy something for their significant other, but rather a message reminding us to "cherish the moments we can spend with the person we love". Honestly, how often do you declare your love to your partner? How often do you tell them what they mean to you?

Whether it is often or not at all, it is always possible to do it more. And February 14th encourages you to do so! So put aside all your aversions and express your feelings! Gifted poets and musicians will find and use the right words and notes, but the rest of us need to turn to lovingly selected personal gifts to talk on our behalf. Let's not forget that all the love you put out will return to you.

A well-selected fragrance awakens passion

The fact that Valentine's Day is celebrated in February suits all lovers. Choosing the right perfume should be subject to the current season as well, and winter does not limit us in this respect! In warm summer, when fragrance lingers on your skin much longer and more intensively, we should only wear a light floral or citrus scent which refreshes us and is not very aggressive for the environment. On the contrary, the cold winter days and evenings are not limited in terms of scent, so the richly spiced and oriental scents are welcomed!

Give your husband a great deal of sensuality and sex-appeal for example with the Hugo Boss oriental-spicy men's fragrance Hugo Boss – Dark Blue. At the beginning of a romantic Valentine's dinner, its playful citrus-ginger aroma will refresh and relax you both. Later, cardamom and sage will take care of spicier topics of your conversation. In the end, cedar with vanilla and patchouli will reliably warm you up. However, if you know that your loved one is not really keen on dominant perfumes, place a bet on the most popular men's fragrance Hugo Boss – No.6 Bottled, which contains a delicate combination of wood, flowers and fruits. Every man can be a boss...

In the category of women's perfumes dominates the Spanish brand Paco Rabanne, which will win your heart with masterfully mixed tones. Perfume for a woman who loves seductive and elegant fragrances can be found in the gold bottle Paco Rabanne Lady Million

At first impression seductive, at second provoking. Flower-fruity fragrance Cacharel Amor Amor is an elixir of love that will pleasantly surprise your chosen one. On the contrary, Moschino I Love Love is made for a spontaneous, slightly ironic and cheerful partner. The perfume will enchant you with a combination of citrus tones and delicate lily of the valley. 

Watches symbolise love for life

You can never go wrong with a fragrance because we all like to smell beautiful, and until someone invents a bottomless bottle, we must buy a new one from time to time. Therefore, such a present never disappoints. But unfortunately, it is somewhat fleeting... By giving a branded watch, you are saying that your love is not just a momentary pleasure, but you also count on it in the future...

Give top quality for a bargain price Swiss Festina watches. You will surely please your wife or girlfriend with one of the full-metal rose gold models, and men, on the other hand, will be delighted with a chronograph watch.

But! If you want to impress a woman who follows the latest fashion trends and has a style. For a comparable price, you will indulge her with a luxurious piece.

Give your self-confident man an Emporio Armani wristwatch. These pieces are a luxury accessory for men who are not ashamed to indulge in the best. Support your partner's purposefulness and give him an elegant model from the Renato or Tazio collection.  

Love at first wear

Surprise your beloved half with elaborate jewellery, nothing more romantic even exists. Give a Pandora bead or a pink gold necklace or a silver earring from Tommy Hilfiger. And remember, women's jewellery is always a safe bet. 

Properly selected men's jewellery can raise each outfit a level higher, whether it is a formal event or a meeting with friends. Get inspired by Tommy Hilfiger leather bracelets. Whether you choose black or dark blue leather bracelet, you can be sure that it will please your loved one for 100%!