10 rules for a happy relationship

10 rules for a happy relationship

A long-term happy relationship is the dream of each of us. Would you like yours to last for years? Read these 10 rules and get inspired. This will greatly increase the chance that you will live your life alongside your partner in harmony and long-term satisfaction.

10 rules for a happy relationship 

1) Perspective

If you ask the couples who celebrated the golden wedding what kept them together for years, what do you think they will answer? Love? Yes, can't do without it, of course. But the important ability you will need to acquire for a happy relationship is perspective. You should learn not to take things too personaly and manage to pass the occasional annoying comment that, from time to time, escapes from everybody's mouth. Therefore, the next time the partner mumbles under their nose that you have burned dinner AGAIN, smile and go without comment. Do you really want to ruin the whole evening for such stupidity? Learn how to respond correctly, don't interrupt your partner, and don't let their comment ruin your mood. Maybe they didn't mean it at all, they just had a hard day at work and were blowing off their stress on you. This is certainly not good and we do not want to say that you have to put up with it. But hold on sometimes and keep quiet. This will take away the wind from their sails and the annoyance will disappear in a moment as fast as the steam over the burnt pot.

2) Take care of yourself

A lot of women think that having partner means they no longer have to take care of themselves. Not taking care of their hair at home, from time to time the hair is properly greased, wearing sweatpants and old shirt. After all, she's home so why would she care? Recognized yourself in it? Then you should do something about it. Every guy understands that you won't always look like the sex bomb he met on the first date, but not taking care of yourself is the way to hell! Then you can't be surprised that he is looking after every skirt and maybe runs away soon. So, dear ladies, it's time to start investing in yourself. Go to a hairdresser, cosmetician and manicure regularly. Get quality cosmetics for skin, body and hair. Treat yourself with perfume or eau de toilette, which you will also use at home! Go to the store from time to time and buy new clothes. Leave the old sweatpants for work in the garden, but at home, make yourself look nice! You will see how you will please your partner and how he will look after you. What if someones take his woman? Men are hunters, so support them and you have won.

3) The art of spending time separately

When two people start dating, they want to spend every minute together. Over time, however, the phase of falling in love begins to go off an people will start to desire some independence and a bit of freedom, which is represented by sports, time spent with friends of occasional weekend at a cottage WITHOUT A PARTNER. Mostly men are the first to feel the need for their own space. Women often don't understand, the get he impression that the man no longer loves them, because otherwise he would like to be with them! But this isn't the case and wise people realize that freedom belongs to every partnership. Just let him go for a game of tennis or sit in a pub with a bunch of friends. You can make an evening for yourself as well, finally watch the series that you are constantly postponding or go get a wine with a friend. Then when you meet at home, you can talk about how you were and you will be happy to be together. You will look forward to your partner and maintain the sparkle in relatonship.

4) Shared experiences

Of course, a good relationship needs shared experiences. And there should be more of them than those alone ones. You don't necessarily have to go on expensive holidays every few months. This isn't about money. All you need to do is take the time to cook dinner, go for a walk in the evening city and talk. Go on a bike and ride around, organize a meeting with friends, jump to the food festival and try something new, visit the gallery, theater, concert. Paint the bedroom together or explore what new Ikea stuff would suit your home. The point is to learn how to share even the little things and build on them. You may think you know your long-term partner, but everyone is changing and can still have many surprises inside. Maybe you can find a clever designer in your husband or find that he seriously love opera. Who knows? So discover and don't let your relationship go dark.

5) Communication

It is said that communication is the key and we can only confirm it. Unfortunately, many people today don't know what proper communication should look like. Nobody has taught them, they don't have example from family and they're not actively trying to do something about it. Men in particular have difficulty expressing their feelings, not knowing how to listen to a woman and how to give her what she needs. On the other hand, she doesn't know how to present her needs properly, counting on the fact that the man has telepathy and yet he must know what she meant. This creates misunderstandings, which, if repeated frequently, can have fatal consequences for the relationship. If you want it to work in your home, you must first understand that men and women work differently. Men need to hear everything straightforward, clearly and concisely. Then they know how to handle the information. So if you want something, like a birthday flower or help with shopping, tell straight away. Don't blame. Explain to the man how you feel in a situation that doesn't suit you and suggest what he could do about it. It's actually quite simple.

6) Trust

This is one of the most important pillars of the relationship. If there is no trust between you, you will never be able to live in peace and over time your relationship will break down due to constant suspicion and jealousy. No one can guarantee that your partner won't lie to you or cheat on you. You just have to have faith and give your trust to them. Reproaching and jealousy will just drive them away.

7) Surprise 

Not just for birthday, Valentine's Day and Christmas. Make them happy. Buy him his favorite sweet, he can make you day better with a nice massage. Surprise each other with the details. Because they ultimately form a unit. Respect the little things your partner does for you and you will see that you will be satisfied. Also, don't try to compare. Maybe Sharon got thirty roses from her boyfriend, next to which your ordinary meadow flower looks like a poor relative. But what if this friend's partner is running after every skirt and then is ironing his action with big gifts? Your flower doesn't look so bad when it's out of love, does it?

And if you still want a bigger gift, tell your partner what you would like. Is it a new watch? Fragrance? Be specific and you will see that soon you will be enjoying them.

8) Mutual support and listening

Are you going to change work or are you experiencing a difficult situation? Your partner should support you at such times. Sure, person is strong and can handle many things on its own. After all, the final solution of the problem always remains with the individual. However, a nice word, a hug and sincere support will give you confidence in your actions and also help you believe that you can do everything. For a reason it says that shared concern is half the concern. Think about it and give support to your partner. Men often think that showing concern is a sign of weakness, so show him that he don't need to be ashamed to confess his doubts to you. Hold on to him and don't interrupt when he wants to confide to you. You will be the best woman in the world for him.

9) Appreciation of little things

After a few years of living together things change. What we appreciated in the beginning, we are starting to take for granted. We no longer aware of the little things that the other is doing for us and we feel unloved. What if they drove us to work and cooked dinner for both of us, when they didn't confess our love for so long? But everyone is used to expressing their feelings differently, so pay attention to how your partner behaves and what they do for you. And don't forget to appreciate it. If the word thank you is starting to disappear from your common vocabulary, something is wrong. Praise and appreciate, men will return it to you with their attention and love. u. 

10) The art of forgiving and admitting mistake

Everyone makes mistakes and therefore it is not fair to expect your partner to be perfection itself. Forgot your anniversary? Something went wrong and they blamed you? They got drunk with their friends and came home late? Hand on your heart, sometimes it also happens to you that you mess up something. Therefore, show your generosity and learn to forgive. Of course, tell them what their actions made you feel and why it bothers you, but don't establish a quiet household, don't insult and try not to blame. You have the right to be angry, but consider how long you want to have this bad energy at home. On the other hand, it is also important for partners to be able to admit each other's mistakes and to apologize.

Do not be afraid to confirm your apology with a small gift. You can make your man happy with high-quality men's cosmetics or individual perfume. And there is no lady who wouldn't soften over beautiful jewelry, handbag or sensual fragrance.

In any case, don't forget to laugh together and enjoy life. Clouds sometimes overcast every relationship, but if you really love each other, you will always find the power to continue and overcome obstacles. Love is the most beautiful thing we can have in life. We wish you always had enough of it.


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