5 great techniques for cleansing the skin, you have to try

  • 5 great techniques for cleansing the skin, you have to try

5 great techniques for cleansing the skin, you have to try

Why is it important to cleanse the skin? And what is the difference between skin cleansing and make-up removal? You will find the answer to these and other questions on the following lines. To make your skin look fresh and beautiful, you need to spend a few minutes a day.

While you usually only use a cotton swab and make-up remover, foam or gel when removing make-up, skin cleansing is much more sophisticated. It is not enough to just remove the makeup. The face is exposed to all sorts of external adverse influences throughout the day, which are also sooner or later reflected on it. Smog, rain, wind, sun, car fumes or even cooking. All this harms our skin, so it needs to be cleansed. Thanks to regular cleansing, preferably twice a day, you will achieve healthy and nourished skin that will rejuvenate every woman by a few years. All you need is the right cosmetics, for which you can easily reach into nature.

How to properly cleanse the skin?

1. Peeling 

Never forget to peel. At least once, but preferably twice a week, it is necessary to get rid of dead cells, scaly skin and thus prevent clogging of pores. The peeling also hydrates the skin, deeply cleanses the skin and also brightens it. But how to make a home peeling? Simply, for example, from cane sugar, olive oil and citrus essential oil. In a ratio of 1: 2, mix olive oil with sugar in a bowl and add two drops of fragrant essence. Mix everything thoroughly and the peeling is ready. Apply the mixture on the face and massage the face thoroughly for three to five minutes. Then rinse it with lukewarm water. Then treat your face with a skin tonic and day or night cream, preferably of course in organic quality.

2. Nourishing mask

Alternate the peeling with a nourishing mask. We recommend applying it two to three times a week, either in the morning after waking up or in the evening just before bedtime. One of the most popular face masks is the one you make from avocado. In addition, it can be applied by those who have very sensitive skin. Hollow out the pulp from one avocado and mash the pulp into a fine porridge. Then apply it evenly on the face with your fingertips and leave it on for ten to twenty minutes. Finally, rinse it and treat the skin with lotion.

3. Refreshing cucumber

Skin cosmetics can also be replaced by pure nature. After the usual evening make-up removal of the skin, you can easily use a cucumber on your face. Let it cool down properly in the fridge and then cut a few thin circles. Then place them all over your face. Since it is necessary to leave the cucumber on your face for at least ten minutes, lie down and only then place thin slices of cucumber on your face. After a while, treat the skin with a tonic or micellar water.

4. Towel method

Once you have removed the makeup, soak the towel in warmer water and place it on your face for up to two minutes. You can use a towel that you have on hand at home, but it must be made of 100% cotton. If you don't have one, you can get several types of these small make-up towels on the Internet. After the skin warms up, you can continue cleansing. Again, use a skin tonic or micellar water and don't forget the night cream or serum.

5. Oil nutrition

Do you have oily skin and are you afraid to use oil-based products? You don't have to worry anymore. The fact that oil lubricates the skin, even more, is a myth. Oily skin, on the other hand, needs oil. If you give it to her in abundance and regularly, the skin will stop oiling after a few weeks to months. Therefore, try to mix olive oil with coconut oil or avocado oil with hazelnut oil to nourish the skin and gently massage the skin with it. Then wash off the grease with a skin tonic or plain water and use your favourite cream. Feel free to practice this method of skin cleansing every other day.


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