5 tips for a great New Year's Eve party

  • 5 tips for a great New Year's Eve party
27. 12. 2019

5 tips for a great New Year's Eve party

Celebrate the last day of the year in style! New Year's Eve will be here soon, so read what makeup to choose this year or why sparklers will come in handy. We have 5 tips for you to enjoy your New Year's Eve party.

And here it is. It always ends away so quickly that we can't even wonder. The last few days and we have a new year. And with it comes a great reason to celebrate. Whether we want to or not, we cannot avoid looking back at the turn of December and January. We remember what this year has brought us and what we could do differently and better next time. New Year is a new beginning and opportunity for change, fulfilment of dreams and even step on a not yet trodden path. But before it comes, let's close this year! And if this year you want to shine at New Year's Eve, we have some tips for you.  

Suit up! 

Because this opportunity won't be repeated this year, take care of your outfit. After all, we have the end of the year only once a year and even choosing clothes can contribute to the festive atmosphere. Right now is the moment when you should pull out the elegant dress that you are saving for special moments. It certainly is the right time for glittering jewellery. Interesting earrings or a distinctive necklace will make your outfit perfect. And if you're heading out, be sure to choose a nice shoe and handbag that will match the model.

Shining makeup

Forget the nude makeup you that you wear every day to work. Parties are always a great opportunity to try something new and really highlight the strengths of every woman. Have you longed to try false eyelashes? Go for it. Even a distinct red lipstick can be on the set during a gala evening. But here you need to carefully apply it and choose a long-lasting product, which will not wipe off your lips with the first drink. You can also try glitters that look great not only in the form of eye shadow but also on the cheeks, eyebrows or hair. Whatever you choose, always keep in mind the important rule. SOMETIMES LESS IS MORE. You certainly don't want a bad clown parody to come to the party instead of the sensual queen.

Opportunity for luxury perfume  

If not today, when? The end of the year is a great day and if you really want to impress, you should not only impress visually. As the lady passes, her perfume will remain in the air for a while. And subconsciously, she makes everyone in the room turns. Because not only our eyes but also our nose perceive our surroundings. That is why the New Year's Eve party is the event that is suitable for a stronger evening fragrance. What about trying the captivating Guerlain Mon Guerlain or disarming oriental-flower Crystal Noir from Versace?

A smile on a face and a good mood

A prerequisite for enjoying the party to the full is not makeup or a beautiful hairstyle. It is a cheerful mood and a smile on the lips. Have fun, chat with friends, dance, eat, play the game… and most importantly, relax. There is nothing worse than attending a party tired and grumbled. And if it still fails, go and order a glass of your favourite drink. You won't avoid a New Year's hangover anyway and at least the unpleasant mood and fatigue will soon dissolve in a dose of good alcohol.

And at the end, a small request - try this year without fireworks 

We all want to enjoy the last day of the year. And the celebrations traditionally include fireworks and firecrackers. Perhaps it is time to do something nice and think of the consequences of our sometimes irresponsible behaviour. We are not alone on the planet and New Year's Eve is the day when we regularly stress the most pets, birds and forest animals. So let's try to light a sparkler this year. It does not tear anybody's fingers, cause panic among animals and conjure up the holiday moment too :)

Whether you are going to celebrate your favourite event or have a party with friends in the comfort of your home, we wish you a truly enjoyable New Year's Eve, surviving in good health and having plenty of energy and enough strength to fulfil your dreams.