Christmas Pandora - why give it a chance?

  • Christmas Pandora - why give it a chance?

Christmas Pandora - why give it a chance?

Why do women crave so much for the jewellery Pandora? And how to choose the right size of a bracelet or the best bead? Before Christmas, Pandora is a hot topic in many homes and partnerships. Gentlemen, we know how to handle this year!

There is no piece of jewellery that would make such a controversy around Christmas as Pandora. Though we can find really beautiful pieces among them, you have certainly heard all sorts of jokes about men who are crowded in front of the shops with Pandora. The fact is that the queues before Christmas are in the jewelry store to be considered. But jewellery Pandora really has its charm. Don't believe? Read why women want them so much and maybe you will like to go to the nearest jewellery store. 

Inspiration from the East 

The cradle of today's most famous and affordable luxury jewellery is Southeast Asia, specifically Thailand. When a Danish couple went on holiday in the 1970s, they were enchanted by interesting jewellery that was not available in Europe. They brought a few pieces to the old continent and they quickly found their owners because of their unusual design. In 1982, the first store in Denmark was established and gradually Pandora spread throughout the world. What is their magic and success? In that the resulting jewel is a reflection of the creativity and distinctive work of its wearer. Pandora simply engages you in the game.

Distinctive and playful Pandora

There are jewellery that reminds of who gives them. But Pandora jewellery does more. With charms of assorted shapes, colors and motifs endowed can carry whole stories. Every time she gets sad, she will lift her heart from you or her dad's flower that will swing on her bracelet. It can remind her of her graduation, daughter birth or the great weekend she spent with you in Paris with a pendant or bead in the form of a graduation cap, pacifier or Eiffel Tower. Individual jewellery can then be changed and complement the way life changes. The choice is really varied and you will surely find your favorite among the beads. If you are unsure, choose some universal bead inlaid with clear stones. No woman is offended by a four leaf clover or a simple heart.

How to choose the right size of Pandora bracelet?

If you buy your precious half a new bracelet, be sure to choose the right size. This should be about 2.5 cm larger than the wrist circumference. The bracelet can be pulled out a little (about 1 cm) by wearing and a large number of beads, so it is recommended to buy clips to prevent unwanted stretching.

Pandora, it's not just bracelets

Although their fame is based mainly on a variety of bracelets, you can now collect beads and necklace. In addition, the offer includes earrings and beautiful rings. Pandora is playful, shimmering and truly original for a wide selection of beautiful beads and clips. Silver lovers, as well as admirers of gold or popular pink gold, will find what they like. The most popular Moments, Reflexions, Rose, Shine or Cute Disney collections offer everything a female heart can desire.

So if your dear longs for one of the glittering jewellery, make her happy and give her Pandora. The right jewel for her will be of much greater value than the financial side of the matter. And if you do not want to stand in queue, try to look in our e-shop, where you can buy jewellery in the comfort of your home.


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