Attention, the bell rings! Prepare the children to return to school

  • Attention, the bell rings! Prepare the children to return to school

Attention, the bell rings! Prepare the children to return to school

The new school year is starting soon. Do you have freshmen enteringin the first year of school or kids who are just waiting to meet their classmates? Find out what you need to do before you start school so that returning to the school's banks is as enjoyable as possible for your children.

Summer vacation is slowly approaching the end, and this is the only thing that worries all parents at this time - going back to school. Some children enjoy more vacations, some less. Whatever the situation, do not forget to prepare them for the first days of school. What should you not miss so that going to school is more enjoyable for your children? You will learn in today's article.

1. Go shopping

Did you like shopping for stationery? Did you love choosing a new pen, notebooks, pens or backpack? Or did you hate these actions? Try to be with your kids right now and go shopping together. Shopping for supplies can be a great fun. Today, stores are overcrowded with colorful school products, and everyone chooses among them. Show the kids that notebooks with a pony or a favorite football player will almost write themselves. You will see that they will start to enjoy school much more.

2. Start training and get ready in time 

Three months of vacation is enough for your kids to get used to at a slower pace. And why not, after all, vacations exist for rest and battery charging for the new school year. At the end of August, however, make sure the little ones go to bed on time so that they learn to wake up early again. Just try to make the transition from free to gradual. September 15 will not be a shocking day for them.

3. Prepare your children's work environment

It's time to clean the playground, coloring books and other toys. The office should be kept clean so that nothing distracts the attention of the children from learning. If you would like to support the children in organizing the program and school life, hang a panel in the room where they will be able to fix all the important tasks. Teach children to keep order in drawers, between pencils and crayons. At the same time, don't be too strict. Let them decide to organize the work on the table.

4. School snacks

For your children to have enough energy for school, it is important that they have high quality snacks. Both boys and girls are developing and need a balanced diet. Prepare them, for example, sandwich Tasty ham with eggs and eggs. Remember fruit, vegetables and water bottles. When you give your kids a snack that helps them, you don't have to worry about your out-of-pocket expenses.

5. Punctuality 

The first day of school matters, so it is very important to arrive on time, especially then. Otherwise, your child may be left in an unpopular place on the bench, and in addition, he will create a bad impression on the teachers right from the beginning of the school year. Teach children punctuality from the beginning, and at maturity this lesson will be useful to them. However, to avoid checking the time on your mobile phone, give them a watch. 

Do you sometimes get late when you have to take your kids to school? Then buying a watch is the right choice to be punctual.


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