How to match ball dress, jewellery and makeup?

  • How to match ball dress, jewellery and makeup?
28. 1. 2020

How to match ball dress, jewellery and makeup?

Hooray on the dance floor! Do you want to look amazing? Read a few tips to help you get it right this year!

The ball season is in full swing and with it traditionally comes the question of what to wear this year. Most of us do not wear festive clothing every day and that is why we may overdo it a little in good faith. Sometimes it is difficult to settle everything together so that the result is the way we want it. Just follow a few simple tips and you will see that this year will turn out to be number one.

Match styles 

First of all, you should focus on making sure everything fits together. Dress, shoes, hair, makeup and jewellery. It is true that in today's fashion, quite often there is chaos and very unusual combinations. However, if you are not a fashion guru and do not regularly watch fashion shows or blogs, your experimentation could turn out badly. Some practical examples: Did you like the bohemian ethereal style? Finish lace dresses with flowers and fine jewellery. Maybe Pandora flower earrings. Forget overly expressive make-up, rugged jewellery and lustrous colours. For the Princess dress with corset and rich skirt do not invent a complex hairstyle and embellished jewellery unless you want to act as a Rococo Countess. Choose a classic smooth bun or a simple braid. Did you like minimalism? For simply cut dresses choose pure jewellery without rich decoration - such as Cluse or Rosefield. The monochromatic plain dress can withstand strong makeup, so go ahead!

Less is sometimes more

Always focus on ensuring that there are not many distinct elements in your outfit. Ideally, it should be one that attracts attention. If you overdo it, you may end up looking as if you are running away from a local circus. Perhaps choose a bold lipstick, interesting handbag, shoes or striking jewellery. Do not combinate the large and conspicuous ring with a distinctive necklace or glittering bracelets. If you chose a deep neckline, balance it with a longer skirt. What is too much is too much and the last thing you want in the ball is to look cheap.  

Don't be afraid to experiment 

On the other hand, balls are a great opportunity to let your imagination run lose a bit and show off in full beauty. Therefore, do not be afraid to try strong makeup, stiletto heels or unusual hairstyle. Experiments include not only witching with makeup or hair, but you can also try unusual evening perfume or jewellery. Layering is a popular fashion trend with which you can get interesting results. For example, try combining multiple necklaces (short and long) or putting different bracelets on your wrist. Jewellery should be similar in style, but if you dare, you can experiment and align different pieces. Mainly think that the more pronounced the element in your outfit is, the more everything else must be subdued.

To make sure everything fits you and see how much time it takes to prepare, try everything in advance. Keep your hair products and fixers ready, see if you can rely on the long-lasting red lipstick and how long you can stay in tall heels. This will eliminate the stress and lack of prosecution that could spoil you all night.

Be yours and think of the practical side of things

Always follow the rule that the most important thing is to be yourself. You will never enjoy the ball if you feel uncomfortable in your dress or make-up. Dresses must fit, shoes must not push and if you choose a hairstyle that is beautiful to look but when dancing will be in the way, it is not good either. Take the opportunity to shine, but don't stick with something that is not you. Rather, have a glass of good wine, go on the parquet and forget that your outfit is not perfect.