Tune in to the autumn wave with 5 captivating perfumes

  • Tune in to the autumn wave with 5 captivating perfumes

Tune in to the autumn wave with 5 captivating perfumes

Autumn is in full swing and you still don't have a new perfume? Well it's time to do something about it. Leave floral and citrus fragrances for the summer, October is about woody and spicy notes. We have chosen the best five for you!

The hot summer is definitely over and autumn is coming. Colder season when we all like to bundle up our coat, put on a scarf and replace cold lemonade with a hot mulled wine. The classic aroma of wine, cinnamon and cloves is one of the most popular. Add a pumpkin muffins, apple pie, golden sunshine with low rays above the ground and colorful leaves, and we have the perfect essence of autumn. Enjoy this beautiful time of year with a new autumn fragrance that will keep you warm even on the coldest days.  

1) Chloe Nomade

Slightly spiced fragrance, suitable for lovers of adventure and everything life offers. From classic Chloe Chloe it's miles away. The Chloe Nomade will evoke unbound freedom in you and awaken the desire to learn and discover. Apply the perfect mixture of peach, white musk, oak moss, sandalwood and amber to your skin and set off for an endless journey to find new perspectives and discover your destiny. This autumn fragrance is a solid win.

2) Givenchy Organza

Wrap yourself in the golden glow of the sensual Givenchy Organza fragrance that will enhance your uniqueness and true femininity. Autumn woody fragrance that awakens a goddess capable of handling all the pitfalls of life is exactly what you will welcome on cold days. Let yourself be absorbed in an interesting combination of bergamot, orange blossom, spiced with nutmeg, vanilla and cedar wood. This mythical fragrance is perfection in autumn.

3) Valentino Valentina Poudre

Soft as a rose bud in the sunset, that's frangrance Valentino - Valentina Poudre. Charming tones of sandalwood, tonka beans, vanilla, irises, tuberose and powder bring you to a world of harmony and timeless elegance. Don't resist the captivating beauty of this powdered fragrance that will impress you with its stamina.

4) Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium

A spicy, aromatic scent with a hint of ripe, juicy fruit, that's Yves Saint Lauren Black Opium. Another tip for scented autumn. This powerful fragrance will give you style and boost your confidence. It is suitable for women who like to walk their lives with chin up and are not afraid of challenges. The combination of coffee, pepper and cashmere wood with a fresh and sweet pear and jasmine will charm you and fit perfectly with the autumn mood.

5) Burberry Body

A gentle, feminine fragrance that can please any lady. Woody tones are mixed with roses, vanilla, wormwood and freesia. Dress in a velvety warm coat that embodies a sensual and naturally beautiful female personality. Burberry Body will not disappoint any woman who seeks gentle caress in her perfume and pleasant support for every, not just autumn, day.


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