Perfumes Chloé - elegance and delicate fragrance

  • Perfumes Chloé - elegance and delicate fragrance

Perfumes Chloé - elegance and delicate fragrance

Women's perfumes are an integral part of every woman. We use a different one for daily wear, a different one for official events or for an evening with a company. Choosing the right fragrance is absolutely essential for complementing the outfit and completing the impression of the woman.

Perfume should not only smell good for the people around you, but also for us. It should fit the woman, compliment her and characterize her. It should be distinct and specific, but should not unnecessarily irritate the olfactory cells and be unpleasant. And just fine, characteristic and pleasant are the Chloé perfumes.

Chloé history, or everything started with fashion and clothing collection

The Chloé brand was founded in the 1950s by designer and seamstress Gaby Aghion. Gaby Aghion comes from Egypt, but in 1945 she moved to France and began working on a new fashion collection. The aim of this collection was to release the austerity and rigidity of fashion that at that time dominated France.

Gaby Aghion joined forces with business partner Jaxques Lenior and together they launched six different fine cotton dresses, which they sold mainly in the shop. As a result, Chloé was available to almost everyone and was suitable for everyday wear.  

Gaby designed her first fashion collection for comfort, ease and softness. Therefore, her models were airy, becoming, copying the curves of a woman's body and well worn. When designing, Gaby paid particular attention to softness, tenderness and femininity, and hence the name of the brand. After a long time of decision-making and considering, she and her business partner decided to give the brand a gentle and delicate female name, Chloé.

The first collection was officially launched in the Café de Flore in 1956 and has gained huge popularity almost immediately. Brand soared upward and along with it the demands placed on it. Gaby Aghion, the founder of the brand, therefore opened the doors of the brand during the 1960s and 1970s and began to provide opportunities for young talent as well.

Before her death in 2014, Gaby Aghion stated that she drew inspiration for the Chloé collections from her surroundings and her experiences, especially from sunsets and sunrises, her lived feelings and love and moments she spent in the horse saddle.

Karl Lagerfeld and the first women's perfume  

Karl Lagerfeld also joins Chloé thanks to the opportunities for young talent. He joined the brand in 1966 and in the following years became famous and expanded to many countries around the world. He designed not only beautiful and original women's collections, but also brought the first perfume Chloé. It was the perfume Chloé for Women, which was launched in 1975, and has been sold with variations to date and is still a hit.

During the time when Karl Lagerfeld was working with this world-famous Chloé brand, whether with fashion or perfumes, famous women such as Brigitte Bardot, a well-known film actress and Jackie Kennedy, the wife of President Kennedy, also started to like the brand's products. Karl Lagerfeld ended his cooperation with Chloé after 17 years and switched to the competing Chanel brand.  

Buying brand Chloé at the holding company

In 1977, Stella McCartney became a prominent face of the brand, she also designed underwear and pants with low seven. She was followed by Phoebe Philo with a collection of bold models. The motto of the brand Chloé during this period becomes the motto "hard and tenderly." The brand offers clothing for everyday wear, but also erotic underwear, lace lingerie and delicate blouses.

In 1985, the brand was purchased by a large holding company, a luxury goods manufacturing and sales company, the Richemont Group. This opens up new opportunities for the brand and further promotes its promotion, fame and expansion. Well-known are not only fashion collections, but also fresh and sensual fragrances, women's perfumes Chloé.

Way of the brand in the 21st century

Also in the 21st century, brand awareness and Chloé perfumes are growing and fashion collections are undoubtedly one of the most popular. Millions of women took to the perfumes and Chloé brand products. Among them are model Lou Dillon or American actress Natalie Portman.

Since 2005, the French brand Paulo Melim Andersson, a Swedish fashion designer and professor, has led this French brand, bringing a distinctive and modern style to Chloé. After this, Hannah MacGibbon took over the management, which released a new women's perfume and launched another collection.

Even today, sensuality, feminine sophistication and ease are captivated by millions of women all over the world, and the brand has rightly earned a place at the forefront of the fashion world.

Women's perfumes Chloé and their characteristic features

Every perfume from the world famous Chloé brand is slightly different. But they have one thing in common. They are noble, gentle, refreshing and strong and irresistible. They give charm and confidence to the women who wear them.

Perfumes Chloé are characterized by floral-woody scents often with oriental undertones and vanilla tones.

Women's perfumes Chloé promote romantic thinking, perfect for romantic women and confident managers. Perfumes Chloé will adapt to their wearer, they will be confident, romantic, dreamy, thoughtful, tender, carefree - just exactly what you need. Perfumes Chloé will underline your beauty and complete your look and feel. They will make you a queen.

In short, perfumes Chloé are sensual, feminine and fit every occasion. They will make you the queen of a party or ball, but you can also use them for everyday wear.

The most popular perfumes Chloé

Chloé Nomade, Chloé L’Eau, Chloé Love Story and of course the Chloé Chloé icon are among the most popular pieces of the French brand Chloé.

Perhaps the best selling and most popular is women's perfume Chloé Chloé. It excels in playfulness, sensuality, elegance and imagination. It underlines the romantic and tender soul of its wearer. It excels in floral tones with the heart of the scent of magnolia, rose and lily of the valley. This perfume has been on the market since 2008 and is still in great popularity and many women come back to it repeatedly and must not be missing among the fragrances they have on the shelf and use daily or on special occasions.

The substantially younger sister of the above perfumes is Chloé Nomade, which was launched in 2018. The face of this gentle female fragrance became actress Ariane Labed. The fragrance is gentle, floral, supports gentleness, inspires freedom and encourages the discovery of the world around us. The heart of this fragrance is a freesia with a delicate floral fragrance. At the top of this women's perfume is mirabelle, which complements and supports the tenderness of this delicate perfume Chloé. This young and modern fragrance also has a very original flacon inspired by the Chloé Drew collection.


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