Do you know cosmetics Bioderma?

Do you know cosmetics Bioderma?

Skincare is one of the most important daily activities at any time of the year. The effects of weather (wind, frost, sunlight), as well as unhealthy urban environments, harm and dry the skin. Therefore, it should be regularly treated with appropriate products to avoid clogging, which spoils its appearance and quality and can also develop into dermatitis. 

Types of skin

Skincare products should be gentle and have a composition that is consistent with the specific type. Basically, 4-6 types of skin are distinguished. Each of them requires specific care and preparations that contain components that compensate for individual deviations from the standard normal type. Skin types can be characterized as follows:

  • normal - is the skin that best resists the effects of the surrounding environment. Usually, it does not dry too much or produces excessive sebum, it does not irritate on contact with various substances. This type of skin is usually not affected by excessive acne formation, dilated pores, or other rashes or imperfections,
  • oily - characterized by a very shiny appearance and rapidly clogging enlarged pores (black dots) due to excessive sebum production,
  • dry - it is visibly and to touch poorly hydrated. This type of skin naturally loses intercellular moisture, which manifests itself by peeling and scaling its surface.
  • sensitive - reacts strongly to stimuli of the external environment, usually by an unpleasant sensation, redness, burning or itching, which can go into more severe irritation,
  • mixed - shows different properties in different places. Generally, there are transitions between dry, normal and oily skin,
  • problematic - a type of skin in which there are deficiencies in the form of extensive acne, clogged and dilated pores and a number of so-called black dots.

Skin types change depending on the environment, lifestyle, but also age. Children 's skin is usually specific in its normal character, with the transition to puberty, it bears more greasy characteristics and then settles in one of these types.  

Skin products 

The care of individual skin types is aimed mainly at removing the undesirable properties of the skin surface. Primary care products are used on the face, but a specific typology is also evident on other parts of the body, especially on the shoulders, neck and décolleté, but skin needs to be nourished throughout the body.

The skin in non-critical areas is usually characterized by a character related to normal skin. The exceptions are, let's say, "operating" parts, such as palms or feet that dry out much faster, or areas with a higher secretion of sweat glands. For this reason, skin care products are also divided into two basic groups, namely:

  • facial cosmetics - with more intensive effects and a composition that exactly matches the needs of a particular skin type,
  • body cosmetics - designed for less demanding non-critical areas of the body and containing nutrients intended primarily for dry and normal skin.

However, in either of these categories, skin products must meet stringent dermatological criteria that include both efficacy and skincare. Both of these aspects, thanks to years of experience and continuous development focused on combining knowledge not only of dermatology, but also related fields of medicine, paediatrics, biology, pharmacy, hair and scalp, and ageing and cell regeneration, are clearly fulfilled by Bioderma cosmetics.

Cosmetics Bioderma

All products distributed worldwide under the Bioderma brand are based on BIODERMA's unique philosophy of ensuring healthy skin for every customer. The French company was founded in the 1970s by the pharmacist Jean-Noël Thorel, who was involved in the research and development of skin-friendly skin and body cosmetics, which would also help to alleviate or eliminate dermatitis.

He also received several patents in the late 1970s and Bioderma became one of the most sought after cosmetics products due to its special composition and success in combating skin imperfections. Since the 1970s, the company has been intensively committed to research, development and innovation in the field of skin and body cosmetics to offer its customers new and progressive added-value products. Originally, the company's research activities focused on individual products (shampoos with scalp regeneration, skincare products developed on the basis of studies of dermatological diseases, etc.). Since 1992, however, the overall focus of the company's global and innovative approach has been divided into five areas:

  1. skin care based on typology,
  2. skin hydration,
  3. skin protection against sunlight,
  4. hair and scalp care,  
  5. regeneration of skin cells.

The entire range of products offered by Bioderma also includes:

  • facial cosmetics products
  • body cosmetics products
  • sun protection products
  • products for the care of sensitive skin of children (as well as mothers)
  • hair and scalp care products

Body cosmetics

The use of body cosmetics is especially desirable for long-term preservation of qualitative properties, retardation of ageing, which is directly correlated with the effects of the environment, and also a pleasant feeling not only to the touch but also to the comfort of non-critical areas of the skin. Bioderma body cosmetics are produced in two product lines, which can be classified in the product portfolio under the categories of body cosmetics (intended for women) and products for sensitive skincare of children.

Bioderma skin and body cosmetics designed for women are divided into several types of product groups for complete cleansing and treatment of face and body skin. These are different types of cleansing water and special formula products for facial cosmetics (Sébium series), facial cosmetics (Sensibio series), or moisturizers for body cosmetics (Hydrabio or Atoderm series). Very friendly is then a gentle and dermatologically tested cosmetics for children, which is distributed in the ABCDerm line.


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