How to choose the right evening fragrance?

  • How to choose the right evening fragrance?

How to choose the right evening fragrance?

Strong fragrances? Why not! Whether you are going to a prom or a major evening event, you can pull it off. How to choose the right one??

Ain't perfume like perfume. It isn't the best to bring out a heavier and sweeter scent on a daily basis, but if you're going to a prom, theater or some special party that are everywhere this time of year, you can afford a bit of eccentricity. Evening perfume is like evening make-up. In short, you don't have to be scared.

What type of fragrance to choose for the evening?

Certainly we vote for perfume or eau de parfum. It contains the largest proportion of pure perfume substances and therefore can smell intensely and for long time. Definitely reach for the scent of woody, oriental and spicy, with an admixture of flowers. Fresh citrus scents and light floral perfumes are not very suitable for evening wear. And where to apply the scent to last as long as possible? Choose not only the places where you feel the pulse the most - that is the wrist, neck and neckline, but you can also apply the scent to hair or clothing. But keep in mind that the strong smell does not need excessive dosing. Just apply it lightly.

The best evening fragrances - our tips:

1) Christian Dior - Dune

Be as mysterious as the desert itself. A woody scent with a hint of spice and a hint of flowers, like a golden sand at sunset. Dior perfume Dune is the epitome of peace and perfect harmony. It will give you a feeling of total uniqueness and pleasant relaxation. Let yourself be touched by tones of Brazilian rosewood, ambergris, lichen and benzoin, which are complemented by erysimum cheiri. The unique composition is suitable for unique moments.

2) Yves Sait Laurent - Cinema  

The attractive Yves Sait Laurent Cinema fragrance fits women who like to boast of their strong personality and feminine charm. Cinema luxury perfume puts you in the glow of scented spotlights, where you will immediately become unmistakable. Let yourself be seduced by tones of real ambergris and vanilla, which are complemented by almond blossoms, peony, jasmine and fresh tangerine. With this delicious cocktail you will attract the attention and admiration of everyone in the area.

3) Thierry Mugler - Angel

Fantastic fragrance for a fantastic evening. Angelically pure, with a hint of vanilla and juicy fruit that will totally engulf you. This is Thierry Mugler Angel perfume that has been popular all over the France. Oriental fragrance consists of a rich cocktail of ingredients. Wrap in the tones of jasmine, cotton candy and bergamot, which are gradually replaced by the scents of caramel, chocolate, vanilla, plum and orchid. You will love this long-lasting fragrance.

4) Lancome - Miracle

Lancome's Miracle fragrance miraculously guides you through an wonderful evening. A sparkling, slightly exotic scent gets you with a narcotic freesia and plum, complemented by the accent of ginger and pepper. It then develops into pleasant tones of musk and jasmine. Indulge in a perfume that tunes you beautifully into the atmosphere of an extraordinary evening.

5) Cacharel - Noa

Sensual fragrance that points to women's vulnerability and purity. The floral-woody Cacharel Noa perfume includes tones of green plants, coriander and sandalwood to complement patchouli, iris and white musk. An interesting fragrance for women who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd but are looking for a fragrance that is not too strong and heavy. 

Our tip: Equip yourself with splashes!

If you do not want to buy a large package of perfume, because you know that you will only use it sometimes, you can choose the form of sample. 10 ml is just the right amount that most mortals will use for balls and parties throughout the year. What's more, you don't have to worry about spending too much money on a perfume that you mind not even like. And the third advantage is that you can easily store a tiny perfume pack in your handbag. If, by chance, you find the scent of low intensity during the evening, you will be able to dispense it as many times as you like.


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