The perfume world organized: Types of fragrances

  • The perfume world organized: Types of fragrances

The perfume world organized: Types of fragrances

What fragrance to choose? Woody or floral? And how do different types of fragrances actually differ? Read in our article today. In addition, we bring tips for the best perfumes in each category.

Choosing a perfume today may seem like a very difficult task. In perfumeries it is teeming with hundreds of bottles of various colors and shapes, ads are attacking with news and one no longer knows what they like. How to choose fragrance simply, so you won't go scary? Choose the right fragrance.

Basic fragrances division:

Fragrances are generally divided into 5 main directions - floral, oriental, citrus, woody and chypre. If you know which one is your favorite and which in turn causes an instant headache, it will help you a lot while buying a new perfume.


Probably the largest and most popular group. As the name suggests, the basis is flowers of all kinds. Most commonly used are rose, jasmine, lily of the valley, exotic ylang-ylang, tuberose, violet and others.

Classical floral fragrances evoke typical femininity, romantic soul and nice, friendly personality. By the way, it is said that men like such fragrances, so if you want to attract male attention, the choice is clear.

E.g. Nina Ricci L’Air du Temps, Versace Bright Crystal

But even fragrances with a major proportion of flowers can be very seductive, mysterious and passionate. This is due to other ingredients that change the resulting fragrance.

E.g. Calvin Klein Euphoria, YSL – Black Opium

Therefore, not every floral fragrance is the same, be sure to focus on other ingredients in the perfume. It may seem that floral perfumes are for women only, but it's not quite true. Even men's fragrances contain flowers - especially lavender or geranium. And beware, these pieces certainly aren't feminine!


The second largest group of perfumes, based on tradition and history. Already in ancient times, people used various spices and fragrant oils to make their hair and skin smell good and be beautiful. And many admixtures remain today. Tones of spices are used - cloves, cinnamon, vanilla, ambergris, powder, musk but also chocolate or coffee. They attract mainly with their exotic, seductive and mysterious aromas, which you will find in each bottle of such perfume. They are available for both women and men and also in unisex.

Oriental fragrances are mostly heavy and are therefore especially suitable for autumn and winter, or for evening occasions. 

E.g. Dolce & Gabbana The One, Marc Jacobs Decadence


As the name suggests, these fragrances are very fresh, light and suitable for everyday wear. Their tones are distinctive, refreshing but at the same time slightly bitter. Of course, the most popular ingredients are lemons, lime, orange, mandarin or bergamot. Citrus fragrances are often combined with floral or woody tones. Most of the time they are unisex.

If you are looking for perfume for the summer, citrus will be the right choice. Its aroma will give you energy and a pleasant refreshment on hot days.

E.g. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue, Hermes Un Jardin Sur Le Nil, CK One, Davidoff Cool Water Man


Based on tones of various types of wood. The most commonly used is sandalwood, cedar or ebony wood. Recently, oud has also appeared. Woody fragrances are often combined with other tones. We can find resin, spices and flowers. The result is interesting, exotic perfumes. Beware to combine with too sweet vanilla or strong flowers - these elements often break woody tones and eventually you have a heavy and sweet frangrance. 

Woody fragrances are especially suitable for autumn and winter days, they can be worn during the day. They are liked by modern women, who do not crave the average and normal fragrances.

E.g. Lacoste Pour Femme, Burberry Body, Hugo Boss No.6


The chypre is named after the Coty perfume Chypre, which was created by a French perfumer, allegedly inspired by his holiday in Cyprus. The basis is oakmoss, bergamot and patchouli. They are often combined with flowers or fruit tones.

E.g. Miss Dior, Armani Si

Next we can come across fern frangrances, which are mainly male matter, or perhaps increasingly popular water frangrances - these are popular for their lightness and maximum freshness.

There is a lot of fragrance on the market as well as their divisions. These groups overlap a lot. Perhaps we have at least helped you to orientate in everything and find a way to fragrance that really fits you. 


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