Hair care in winter - what products to use?

  • Hair care in winter - what products to use?

Hair care in winter - what products to use?

In winter our hair is very stressed. So for a beautiful hair, there needs to be a little more effort and care. Introducing the best products to help you keep your hair shiny and healthy even in the winter months.

Winter is extra difficult for the hair. Not only are they under constant fire from icy wind, snow and rain, but we also dry them in overheated offices and homes. Changing temperatures is certainly not good for them, as is the frequent wearing of a hat. How to take care of them in this difficult time? We bring tips!

In addition to quality food and nutritional supplements that provide enough minerals and vitamins for hair, it is still necessary to think of hairdressing care. Take the time to go to the hairdresser who will cut your split ends. According to the latest trends, you can keep longer color outgrowths, but make sure the transition is natural. Overall, being natural is popular these days, so do not worry your hair with unnecessarily drastic discoloration or perm. Treat them nice and enjoy their healthy beauty.

As far as hair products are concerned, always choose professional care, which you will not find in a common drugstore. The classic products available in stores may be very cheap, but the vast majority of them are unable to give your hair the same quality care as professional cosmetics.

Which products to choose for the winter? 

1. Shampoo 

A good shampoo is essential. For the winter choose nutritious, which hydrates your stressed hair sufficiently and gives them shine. You may have dandruff problems that may form after frequent wearing the cap. This solves a suitable shampoo, which soothes the scalp and does not overload.

2. Conditioner 

The conditioner has the ability to nicely close and smooth the surface of each hair that was first opened with shampoo. This keeps the hair hydrated and they won't break. If you don't like the classic conditioner, you can reach for leave-in hair treatment. It's easy to use and you don't have to wait in the bath for it to work. 

3. Hair mask 

Reach for a proper hair mask at least every 14 days. It affects the hair deep inside and adds a lot of vitamins to your hair. After a quality mask, your hair will be shiny and soft to the touch. Just make sure you apply it to the lower half of your hair. Otherwise, the scalp will be quickly become greasy, wearing a hat will have the same effect.

4.  Oil

If you suffer from frayed tips and damaged hair, it is definitely worth a try hair oil. Usually applied to wet hair, because it binds to water and it also keeps inside individual hair. Try favorite Argan oil from Morocco or rare moring.

5. Smoothing milk 

The last tip for winter hair is smoothing milk. You know the situations where you take off a sweater in a heated office and the hair is electrifying in all directions. To keep them calm, applie smoothing milk . They can be rubbed into wet and dry hair, won't make your hair greasy but giving it a velvety softness.


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