How to age with grace?

How to age with grace?

You don't need a surgeory to look perfect even at an advanced age. Start taking care of yourself in time and see for yourself! We have tips for you.

We can't stop time and its markings are inexorably inscribed on the faces of us all. In the media we can see almost daily how the struggle to fight against time can turn bad. Disproportionate skin smoothing, botox and plastic surgery will soon turn against their owner and instead of a beautiful face, a wax figure will be looking at us from pictures. Nobody wants to age, but believe it goes with grace. Just look at Julia Roberts, Maryl Streep or Sharon Stone. This is how ladies, who know how to deal with the passing years without surgeries, look. What is their success? In part, certainly good genes, but a lot of things can be influenced by proper care. Get inspired by tips and tricks that keep your face and body looking goos, without the intervention of a plastic surgeon. 

UV Filter

We all love the sun, but it can have enormous consequences on unprotected skin. Tip number 1 is obvious. Don't come out without cream with UV filter. You should protect your skin from the sun in any weather - whether the sun is shining, it's cloudy or raining. It is a matter of course to apply sunscreen on the occasion of swimming and sunbathing. Tanned skin is sexy and youthful, but don't go over the corpses for it. It really pays to use a good sunscreen. In old age, your skin will return you this protection many times.


Regular exercise, whether in the form of sports or a classic workout in the gym, should be an indivisible part of your life. It's clear to us that you have a lot of responsibilities and itisn't always easy to get some time for exercise, but it's an investment that really pays off. Physical activity not only oxygenates the skin but, of course, strengthens the muscles. And a slim, firm body with hydrated skin will easily take 10 years from your real age.

Drinking regime

Don't underestimate the power of the drinking regime. Even the most expensive cosmetics cannot replace the missing fluids in the body. Drink at least 2 liters of clean water a day and strictly keep this amount. Ideally, avoid frequent consumption of coffee and alcohol, which drain and cause premature skin aging.

Quality food

You are what you eat. This legendary message has a deep truth in it. If you like sweet desserts, fast food and greasy meals, it won't add to the beauty. Moreover, women of advanced age have a slowed metabolism, which punishes these offenses even more. Of course, for the well-being, which by the way also manifests itself in appearance, you can treat yourself from time to time. But don't do it often. 

Well-chosen cosmetics

It's generally believed that the more expensive and specific products you use, the better the results will be. According to various tests, however, it isn't true that an expensive bottle of branded product for thousands will magically smoothen your skin. Even cheaper cosmetics can do a lot. The main thing is that you use it regularly. For example, Kylie Minuoge says she has used her cheap Pond’s cream all her life, which was recommended by her mother. Let's face it, she doesn't really look like she is 51 years old.

But don't focus just on the face. The entire skin deserves your attention. Here as well you can see the aging showing itself, mainly with wrinkles and loose skin. Use firming body lotions and try those with the addition of your favorite perfume. Don't forget about hair care. Aging is also showed on them and they need to nourish even more. In addition to quality shampoo, you can try deep moisturizing masks or oils designed specifically for mature hair.

Perfectly removed make-up

Absolutely important for beautiful skin, at any age, is its good make-up removal. Throughout the day it's in contact with various impurities that clog pores. Add the insufficiently washed make-up and the unhappiness in the form of pimples and deep wrinkles is born. Your skin needs to relax without make-up and perfectly cleaned at night. Only then it will be able to regenerate properly.

Natural products - tips from the fridge

Sometimes try to look into the fridge instead of the cosmetic cabinet. On the Internet you will find lots of recipes for homemade cosmetic masks that really work. For aging skin that needs to nourish, look mainly at ingredients such as olive oil, avocado, apricot, eggs, honey or bananas. Even the aforementioned famous beauties are not afraid to reach for a home mask and you'll see how it works!

Crucial in the aging process is not to be guided by the misconception that woman is beautiful only in her youth. Fortunately, this “truth” that the media and all sorts of fashion magazines have been pushing at us for years has been gradually abandoning society. Therefore, admit it, it's normal to have wrinkles. Do not try to look young with an improperly chosen "youthful" outfit - too short skirts, extra torn jeans and bold inscriptions won't take years off your age, as well as exaggerated makeup.

Mainly, be cheerful and yourself. When you smile at the world and take life with ease, the positive energy that radiates from you will overshadow all wrinkles and gray hair.


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