How to regenerate hair naturally?

How to regenerate hair naturally?

Hair is an ornament of every woman, but we often do not treat them as we should. We dye them, stylize them and comb them into various (even monstrous) hairstyles that require a lot of hair spray to maintain their shape and maintain it for as long as they represent their wearer. In this article, you will find some great tips on natural hair regeneration.

Frequent use of various preparations, especially those which, by their composition, are not very gentle on the composition of the hair, can lead to loss of quality, brittleness and overall weakening. All the products used are then influenced by the quality of the scalp, which can dry out under such pressure and cause more frequent hair loss.

Healthy and damaged hair

Healthy hair is characterized by its shine, elastic with well perfused skin without dandruff. Treating healthy hair is simple - most commonly used normal shampoo for normal hair supplemented with a conditioner to facilitate combing. Such hair is naturally regenerated through its own nutrient production.

Damaged hair is usually poorly elastic (tending) and loses shine. A weakening of the hair fiber is caused by excessive load and insufficient nutrition, which are manifested mainly in the disruption of their structure and subsequent fraying and breaking. The scalp of damaged hair tends to be dry, dandruff, and generally uncomfortable feeling. Drying often leads to itching. The appearance of damaged hair is dull and matt. Such hair requires special care to restore their original quality.

Hair regeneration 

There are several ways to regenerate damaged hair. The primary step is always to change the diet - hair nutrition begins from the general condition of the body. If it lacks the necessary nutrients, this aspect affects not only the hair cover but also the overall skin appearance and health. Hair benefits primarily from legumes and nuts, containing the necessary vitamins, and fish, which are the source of the necessary omega 3 fatty acids to give hair shine.

In addition to proper diet, regeneration can be achieved by two procedures depending on the degree of impact and damage, namely: 

  • surface regeneration - usually herbal baths are used to rinse hair to get the original nutrition,
  • deep regeneration - in the form of mask or wrap. Deep regeneration is designed for heavily damaged hair.

For both types of regeneration processes it is advisable to use either directly mixed herbal mixtures, which correspond to the parameters of hair and scalp, or quality natural cosmetics.

Surface and deep hair regeneration

Most hair and scalp regeneration products are made on a natural basis, as they need to be very gentle and no longer burden them. For a period of regeneration that can last for several weeks, depending on the severity of the damage, it is better not to use normal hair care products and to alternate surface and deep regeneration products according to specific rules.

Shampoos with herbal extracts are intended for surface regeneration. Shampoos rehydrate the hair fibers and provide them with the necessary nutrition. If your hair is weak, it is possible to use shampoos for daily washing, which soothe the scalp and give the hair original surface protection.
Deep regeneration is performed by masks and wraps that are applied less frequently. The hair fiber mask hydrates deeply and helps protect it from external influences, especially weather, sunlight and polluted air. In addition to regenerating masks, other preparations such as tonic, serum or hair cure can be used. The application requires a thorough massage in the hair and scalp. The preparations are then allowed to act for a specified period of time and then gently washed according to the manufacturer's instructions. 

For the regeneration of hair, careful care is necessary, which must be followed by maintenance procedures that prevent further damage to hair fibers.


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