How to be attractive for men?

How to be attractive for men?

Do you want a man to notice you? Do you want to be irresistible and charming? Then you have to follow several rules. Beauty is not everything, and often is not enough to get a dream man. You need something extra.

How can I get a man to not get his eyes off you? Stand out from other women and get the attention of every man you want. Just follow these five rules.

1. Smile and have fun

When is a woman the least sexy? If she is sitting alone in a corner, looking as if she just bit a lemon. Having an annoyed expression is for many men a clear signal that it is better to stay away from you. But some women put on an annoyed expression every time they try to look for a man. Why? They think it is a seductive expression. It's not. The smile is seductive. If you frown or look neutral, you probably won't get a man. 

It is also better if you are having fun with friends you have gone out with and not trying to push them away. Otherwise, it means that you are not in the mood for social conversation and you are just outside by accident. And it does not affect men well at all. Conversely, if you are at the centre of things, you will laugh, constantly tell something, the man will notice you more.

Don't take your eyes off of him during the conversation. If you will observe what is happening around you and give him only glances, the man may think you are not interested in him. While doing so, you may just be nervous and do not know where to look. Concentrate. The first impression is the most important and when you look into his eyes and smile, you show him that you are not indifferent. Also, don't tell him how bored you are and how people around you annoy you. This may be true, but the man may feel that he himself is bored and quickly withdraws.

Rather, talk about what brought you to your current location and what you find interesting or fun to do. Make conversations easy and fun. You can even flirt a little, but not too obviously, do not scare him off. If the man in question does not return your smiles and, on the contrary, he is watching thinks all around you and not you, rather give up straight away, so that you are not disappointed at the end more than you have ever been. There will be countless opportunities for getting to know each other.

2. Let him know you're not so easy to get  

How to be attractive to men and not be cheap? Most attractive to men are women who cannot be seduced too easily. If a man shows interest in you, don't jump right in his arms and ask him when he'll be free in the next few days to go somewhere. It only scares and discourages men. Certainly, it is no harm to show him some affection, but nothing should be exaggerated.

A man must conquer you. Indicate that you will not just give up and it will cost a lot of effort before you nod to the meeting.

Women who do not let themself be conquered them have much less value in men. They usually get tired of them quickly. On the other hand, women who are hard to conquer for longer are more valuable to men, more respected and easily fall in love with them. If the man pushes you into a meeting, take your hands away from him. Perverse men are usually used to pushing a woman until they get what they want. They are certainly not very suitable for living together. Once something is not according to them, it will be bad.

But on the other hand, it is important to distinguish between fierce persistence and when a man really cares about you and just wants to let you know that you could meet more. In this case, it depends on the specific situation and how the man acts. It is up to you to decide whether or not to give him a chance. Just keep in mind that you should not nod at the first offer immediately. Give him a chance to conquer you. 

3. Show your intelligence

How do I know if he likes me? If you also ask yourself this question, keep on reading. Just a simple look and a smile don't mean anything. The real interest in you comes only when he really becomes interested in you. And if you are interesting enough for him, then it's half won. It has been proven that in the longer term, men prefer smart and intelligent women to those with whom they have nothing to say and with whom they have no common interest.

So, if you want to impress a man, show what's inside you. Of course, don't start with how many universities you've graduated, how many degrees you have, how many your parents have, or how many languages you know. Do not try to elevate or prove to a man how much more stupid he is than you. It may be because you are trying to show him that he has no on you, and so there is no chance of going to him. You can show your intelligence and what you know in a completely different way, for example, by speaking prudently, being funny, and also interested in what the man is doing, what his job is, what he enjoys, or what the type of women he likes. 

But don't ask directly about the women he likes. Try to guide the questions in such a way that they can tell without asking a specific question. Why is this important? Because you will make it clear what you are and whether it makes any sense to keep trying. So you will find out whether he might like you or if you are absolutely not his type and just waste your time.

When it comes to what you are studying, what you can do or where you work, don't reveal everything right away. Try to be mysterious, because this is also a sign of intelligence. But you can also talk about the topic you are interested in and show your strength. But not at all costs.

For if you talk about a topic that a man knows nothing about or does not care about, your knowledge may be to the detriment. A man may begin to think that you are trying to prove how deep he has fallen in your sight when he does not know or know what you do. It is ideal to find a common topic and to complement one another's knowledge and then to follow up on the next topic. But again, it is important not to use up the entire conversational ammunition at the first meeting.

4. Look in the mirror

Are you satisfied with yourself? Do you like what you look like? Although physical appearance is definitely not everything, o the first meeting, it can reveal a lot about you. Do you know your fashion, or do fashion trends remain alien to you? Do you like more simplicity than pomp? Are you extravagant or rather conservative? Every woman should have her own style and keep it. But clothes are not enough. How to seduce a man so he won't be able to get you out of his head?

You must smell beautiful. Women's perfume can do miracles with men. Once men like your scent, you have won. Therefore, do not underestimate women's perfumes and choose one that fits you. If you like to wear sportswear, an oriental fragrance may not be the best fit for you. Also, do not forget that on each person, perfume can smell a little different, so each test each fragrance directly on your skin.

5. Flatter him

The male ego is a very sensitive matter. So you cannot flatter man more than if you compliment him gently. One well-targeted compliment is enough and you have him in your hand. But what will please men most of all? After all, the same as you. Compliment him for his fragrance or let him know that he was pleasantly surprised by his knowledge of (add according to the situation).

You can also compliment his watch or shoes to show him that you like his taste. One or two compliments are definitely enough, don't overdo it with them. The man might then start to think that you are flattering him just to please him and to be grateful, and you don't mean it honestly.


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