How to get more time?

How to get more time?

It surely happens to you as well – there's a bunch of deadlines and tasks ahead of you, yet you still postpone until the furthest point possible. Do you feel stuck in a loop? We'll tell you how to end this madness forever in our article.

Just keep doing several simple steps and success will follow!

Schedule your working day

Make a schedule for your working day. What do you want and have to manage to do? Make a long term plan and stick to it. Adjust it to your needs. When are you being productive the most? Each of us has a period of time when we're being productive more than usual. For someone, it's morning, for another it¨s evening. Plan the most difficult tasks in this period. But always count with some extra time. And of course don!t forget to take a break once in a while - even when working on your computer. You'll be more productive. The capacity of our brain isn't infinite and it also needs to rest.

Charge your batteries

If you sit on a chair at work, sitting on a couch probably won't be the best way of relaxation. Quite the contrary. Go out, ride a bike or go hiking. Do a sport. Get some sports clothing and sport's watch, which will make the most of your effort.

Quite popular women's sport's watches are for example Casio Sports or Casio Youth watches, gentlemen will surely appreciate men's sport's watch Casio G-Shock or Festina The Originals.

Learn how to fully ease off your mind and body. Get away from all daily worries - sport is a perfect way to do so. Next time you feel blue try to throw all the miseries away and go for a walk or jogging.

And since you're out, don't forget a pleasant and fresh perfume.

Set your priorities straight – what's most important for you?

Complete the difficult tasks first – you'll need more time for them. To start such a task late can be quite stressful. Make a list of everything important to you and cross some of the important stuff out. What's extra there?

Forget unrealistic goals

Let your goals be something you can really achieve. Aren't circumstances on your side? Adapt! It definitely doesn't mean you should be happy for less and do something you show no interest in. NO. But bigger goals require smaller steps in the beginning. Believe in yourself, but don't overestimate your abilities.

Learn how to fully focus on one thing

If you start doing something, do it at full blast. At least for the time scheduled. You'll achieve much better results this way rather than letting yourself be consumed by all the things you have to do asap. Of course, each of us has a different way to do stuff. Some of us like things lined up, some of us faint when they hear about planning. If you're comfortable with working on more projects at once (and that's probably unavoidable anyway), make your priorities clear and spend your time doing the most important first.

Be decisive

Don't change your mind ten times in a row. First of all, think everything through and once you're decided - stand your ground. And if you're not sure with something - make a pros and cons list.

Keep track

And by that, I don't mean of only your tasks and time (a nice wristwatch can help you with that) but of everything. And definitely of things important in your field. There's always a space for improvement. Work on yourself. Self-improvement is a key to get more confidence, therefore to be more successful.

Stay motivated

Don't waste your time and rather spend it on something meaningful. Say goodbye to things that cost you your energy - do you really have to spend 12 hours watching TV or surfing on the internet, when you don't work and neither seek inspiration? Will you achieve what you want to achieve by doing this? Or will you out of blue realize you've been staring on the screen for the last 4 hours without having any profit from it?

Are you truly having a rest when browsing through social networks? Your time is valuable and irreplaceable, so spend it on something you find useful. If you're not looking for a specific target on Facebook and aren't arranging a meeting with your friends either, take a break for a moment and think. How much time have you spent scrolling and commenting pictures you don't even care about? What could be a better way to spend your time?

Don't get bored

How much time do you spend shopping? Why not spend it more meaningful? Instead of going from one store to another and looking through tons of clothing, perfumes and accessories, you should try your luck on the internet. It will save you some hours of your precious time.

Control your emotions

It sounds impossible but doesn't necessarily have to be. Whether you like it or not, humans are not only rational but emotional beings as well. We all let ourselves be controlled by our emotions and feeling, but it shouldn't slow us down.

If you learn how to control these emotions, you'll be much stronger and persistent. Don't get mad by every stupid thing or failure, in the end, they're all good experience. Keep yourself above. It doesn't mean you should hold your emotions - that wouldn't much good in the end, but learn how to lower their intensity. Getting mad over everything won't be much helpful to you. Next time you'll get angry, take a deep breath and give it a moment and rethink the whole situation, this time from another perspective. Is it really necessary to react so harshly?

Get more sleep

If you want to stay healthy, regular sleep is a necessity in this case. Go to bed early and don't stay up too late during the work week. So how long should you sleep? On average, 7-8 hours of daily sleep is just the amount you should achieve. One needs less, another more. And someone could sleep their whole life...

But if you sleep too much, for example, 12 hours and more, you eventually won't feel much rested. So if you're familiar with sleeping through the day, rather set the alarm!



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