How to pick a wedding gift for the happy couple?

  • How to pick a wedding gift for the happy couple?

How to pick a wedding gift for the happy couple?

You've been invited to a wedding. A pleasure indeed, yet what to do now? A preparation's ahead, choosing the right outfit as well as choosing the wedding gift. But how to choose the right present?

The best option is to ask the newlyweds which gift will they appreciate the most. You'll avoid buying something they'll leave on a shelf and if you ask them about it after several years after, an awkward situation will take place. An unfortunate step is also a situation when more guests have the very same gift. And what can you do with three tea sets or several mixers having the same functions on top of that? Okay.. the tea sets aren't such catastrophe, because you can always find a use of them, but there are some gifts which the broom and bride would rather not see.. and what gifts are we talking about?

The list of the worst wedding gifts aka forget about these ASAP:

  • kcheesy garden decorations
  • books about relationships and marriage
  • a pet without previously discussing it
  • inappropriate experience gift
  • children's clothing (in a case when the kid's not even on the way, you don't want to stress the newlyweds out, do you?)
  • Kitchen appliances (a suitable gift in a matter of the previous discussion, otherwise very unfortunate)
  • colourful bed sheets, not in style newlyweds like
  • Glass decorations that are useless, plastic flowers, decorative bowls, paintings and other stuff that aren't in a style of the newly wed's apartment.
  • Useless stuff we gift only to actually give something

Good presents: 

  • A gift coupon (e.g. from an e-shop)
  • a package of luxurious hair cosmetics with a message (and maybe some financial gift but that's up to you)
  • financial donation hidden in an envelope (that always comes handy, whether it's for honeymoon, stuff to their new home, the newlyweds can always choose something of their liking), you can get them something small on top of that as well and gift it in a funny and original way (that will have a way more positive effect)
  • if you decide to gift an experience, stay sober and pick one the newlyweds can arrange in advance according to their schedule needs( like if you want to get them a flying tour in a balloon, because you know they've wanted to try it for a while, then yes, it's a suitable gift, but to gift experience just because you personally like it - that might not come as a wise decision, as the groom might fear heights, which you might not have known..)
  • If you want to give them something thingy, you might arrange it with other guests and buy something bigger, something the newlyweds really need - in this case, ask the happy couple directly.

Personal gifts

You can also give them something more personal, a pleasant surprise maybe. But don't try to experiment way too much, don't try to come with something too shocking (only if you're certain the person you're giving it to will appreciate it). Also, it should always be a gift for both of them.

Comes handy:

  • good-quality men's and women's perfume
  • women's niche perfume for the bride, men's niche perfume for the groom
  • a small piece of jewellery as a resemblance for the bride (it should be the style of the gifted one, notice, what the bride usually wears and get advised by someone else as well) and get something for the groom as well - don't forget they should match!
  • classic women's and men's watch (if they're the sporty type, they will definitely appreciate some good-quality sport's watch - yet try to find out, if they don't own that kind of watch already), the style of watches of the groom and bride should match (therefore you should pick the very same model from the very same brand), you can also leave a message engraved directly on the watch.

Then there's another possibility you can come up with on the newlyweds - tell them to make an online list of their desired wedding gifts. In this case, every attendee can book a gift they're going to buy, so you'll immediately know what to buy and what not. Therefore it's gonna be impossible for the newlyweds to be given the same thing twice. It¨s a practical way of how to avoid this unpleasant situation and make someone happy.

Just keep in mind that your gift doesn't have to be the most original one on the list, neither better than everyone else's. It isn't about showing off and proving that you're the best friend, because this way you'd prove yourself otherwise. By showing off you'll let everyone know that you don't care about the newlyweds, yet about your own need of proving something. Thus, on their important day, think about them first.

A suitable gift should be (no matter if openly or indirectly) supporting their marriage and their living together. If you know them well, you won't have a problem.

And last but not least – don't forget to pack the gift nicely!


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