How to use quarantine to your advantage

  • How to use quarantine to your advantage

How to use quarantine to your advantage

How many times have you been saying to yourselves: "When I have more time." "When I'll be home for a while." "When I won't have to go to work." The sentences we use so often and sometimes misuse. On the first day of the quarantine due to the spread of covid-19, all of these answers are over. From now on, only you are the masters of your time, and no one has said that quarantine is a condemnation of inaction! Exactly the opposite!

Life lessons

Though ait is hard to imagine at first, this difficult life situation brings one important benefit: a lesson. Regardless of whether curfew or other restrictions have become a tool for this unwanted teaching, your task is to understand. Understand the value of free movement and the cost of daily contact with your neighbours. Imagine that even a negative attitude, fear and worries are also a form of contagion that can stand between you and the life you want to lead. Therefore, it is necessary to learn to use each lesson to your advantage.

Don't worry about what you can't change 

One of the first things you do when you stay in isolation is that you turn on TV, your computer, and all your social networks on your mobile. It's great to be in touch, to chat with friends and to be in a lively debate about what has happened to you and the world. But this initial state will have its limits. When you see several alarming reports of how coronavirus is spreading, how the face masks are scarce, and that getting a respirator is a superhuman task, it might make you sad. Don't hurt yourself. The world outside the door suffers, of course. But you are in a situation in which you can't change anything anyway. Take a deep breath, focus your mindl and start squeezing something out of your quarantined time. 

Time of plans fulfilled

How many books do you have on the bookshelf that you have prepared to read when it's time? How many photos are waiting to be put in the album? How many unpacked boxes have been in your closet since the last moving? How many guaranteed recipes for tired skin have you not tried? In fact, there is only one question, with what to start?

Sort and clean up

Don't like it, don't … but when else to sort out everything then right now? Just know how to do it. According to Maria Kondo, the most famous “cleaning woman” at the moment, you can get rid of up to two-thirds of things by keeping only that which evokes a positive emotion (“Spark Joy”). And with this mantra on your lips, start saying goodbye to things you no longer need, dislike or remind you of something bad. Start with unnecessary papers, warranty cards, diaries, continue through the wardrobe, shoe cabinet, first aid kit, and eventually come unused cosmetics. You will have fun for hours, maybe days and you will be relieved. 

Home workout

Do not doubt this activity for a second. Movement is essential for well-being, but also for our psyche. It doesn't matter what exercise you do. With a variety of exercise apps and youtube channels, you can create an entire program for each day of your quarantine. Morning yoga, noon workout, evening pilates. Everything is possible. Finally, you can see for yourself whether all those promises about slimmer bodyparts in a few minutes a day really do not lie.

Time for hobbies

Those who have hobbies always know how to use their free time. Any activity that throws us into the creative sphere is now a treasure. Read, paint, play a musical instrument, model, carve, sew (face masks will come in handy), embroider, produce homemade cheeses or original jewellery. Fortunately, we are a clever and active nation and there are no limits to creativity.  

Time for yourself

When a woman says this, it's like a spell that lifts her from the table and leads directly to the restroom, where she disappears for hours. No wonder. Aroma bath, manicure, pedicure, peeling, face mask, hair mask, root serum, nail treatment. Probably all carefully gathered samples of anti-wrinkle creams or luxury shower gel and hair shampoo you have been hiding for worse times since your last birthday. There's no need to wait.

Bad days     

Maybe not today, but bad days will surely come. You will feel lonely, you will miss movement in the fresh air and contact with people. At this time, indeed indulge a little idle and watch a movie. Just nothing negative from the thriller or post-apocalyptic science fiction genre! Some easy-going comedy, such as Ruthless People from 1986. Although the title doesn't look optimistic, when you see how Bette Midler handled her isolation, it will return the wind to your sails.

Happy ending

It will take the world a while to rejoice in the loss of the corona. But your win would be to step out of quarantine as a better person. Full of new impressions from books you've read, tidy flats, creative work, the effects of regular skincare and a firming program for your body. But especially with a new sense of time and knowing that not everything you considered important before the quarantine is important now. It would also mean that you mastered the role of master of your time perfectly and understood the lesson.


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