How to wrap presents creatively

How to wrap presents creatively

Are you finished with your Christmas shopping? Did you manage to get everything you wanted or even a little bit more? But this is not the end of fun, because the perfect gift doesn't have to be the beginning and the end of the whole surprise.

Did you get a luxury watch, fashionable genuine leather handbag or seductive perfume? Great

Manual not only for Christmas time

Try something unusual now. How to do that? One interesting possibility is actually presenting itself: Create your own original gift wrap!

Does it sound too complicated? Don't worry, you don't need to be a champion in drawing, cutting out, printmaking or glueing. It will be okay if you are an expert in just one of those...Start with something simple: just use an ordinary wrapping paper. It could be a coloured wrapping paper or not, we will leave this entirely up to you.

Cutting out

Cut out some Christmas motive from your wrapping paper and put underneath it a plain paper of a different colour so it makes the motive shine. What are you going to choose? A snowflake? A Christmas tree of even a little Bethlehem? All you need is a sharp scissors, ideally a wrapping paper (it would be easier to create more complicated shapes from it than from the ordinary office paper) and a lot of patience, of course. After that you will be doing only some folding and cutting.

If you would like to create a neat snowflake, you have to be really precise with a paper folding. Although the real snowflake has only six corners, not eight. 

What to do with with the shape of a snowflake when it needs to be carve direcly into the wrapping paper? First of all to end up with a tidy shape you need to create a template and then trace it and cut it out - ideally with some handy paper knife.


Another possibility could be to stick the wrapping paper with the motive of your choice. It could be the cut out one or some other hand made one, bought one or some prearranged one. This way you could avoid the option to cut difficult shapes straight from the paper which you want to use for wrapping your gifts. But be aware of unnecessary glue...

Prints or drawings

Do you still remember when you were a child in the kindergarden or maybe in the primary school and you got a chance to make your own potato stamps? So now you can go back in time into your childhood memories and make one. You don't have to strictly use only a potato for this, you can use a wine cork, a pepper, an apple, a lemon, a flower blossom, a pice of wood or for a example a celery. Then you paint your brand new stamp with tempera colours of your liking and stamp the paper with is as much as you like.

If after all you have some drawing abilities you could create your own design, caricatures of each family member or some funny Christmassy motives.

A favourite way how to uniquely decorate your presents could also be stickers made of your own photographs, which you could have made directly in specialised priting offices. But be careful to take care of this well in advance as it could happen you will run out of time for your perfect idea. Personalised photo calendars, T-shirts or mugs are high in demand for Christmas. 

Additional decorations

You can try some nice paper decorations with a name tag or if you prefer natural decoration you can use twigs, pinecone or anything esle. All you have to do is to nicely arrange it and then securely attached it to the present. After this you can add some glitter, a coloured ribbon, dried fruits or even a cinnamon stick. It's worth the effort. You don't need anything else then a glue, few bits and pieces and a lot of imagination.

If you are a lover of straw and embroidered decorations, you can use their novel glamour, enlace them with a coloured ribbon to match with your Christmas tree decorations. Or also the same way you can make your own sweet gingerbread name tags.  

Two presents in one? It come in handy after all. The excitement from receiving the gift will be just doubled

Sometimes all you need is a little bit of inspiration and maybe you come up with some other unique way how to make your presents special.


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